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Who has develoed this site and has read most of the books?


Gerhard Heilig
A-3004 Riederberg, Austria

Why this Web Site?


Since I have struggled through my first English-language crime novel at the age of 16 (it was an Agatha Christie novel - what else?), I have never stopped reading thrillers for pleasure. As a non-native speaker of English, I chose the first few thrillers just to improve my English. But soon I became hooked and today, 40 years later, I have devoured many hundreds of crime novels. They helped me to survive dreadful hotel rooms and endless transatlantic flights. What you will find on this web site is a collection of books I find interesting. Some of them are great literature, others just fast page turners. Those books, which I liked most, are marked with stars.

Guidelines for publishers


I have bought most of the books that are reviewed and ranked on this web site. However, if you want to send me a free (pre-release) copy of a new thriller, please feel encouraged to do so! It goes without saying that you have no guarantee that I acknowledge, read, review, rank or return the book. I will not pay any shipping. And of course, I may, or may not, recommend the book or list it on this web site. If you still want to send me books, please use the address below. I like to read unusual (psychological) thrillers or police procedurals that keep me awake all night. Please don't send supernatural, occult, esoteric or over-the-top conspiracy stuff - I just throw it in the trash. Also, I am not a great fan of books which replace literary skills with excessive amounts of gory details. I don't need to know the specifics of what a chain saw can do to a human body.

Who is contributing book reviews


Claudia-Heilig Staindl
Waldheimstrasse 29
A-3004 Riederberg, Austria

My wife's other hobby:


For many years my wife has been interested in jams, marmalades and chutneys. What she usually find in supermarkets just hurts her taste buds. A few years ago she started to experiment with new recipes for preparing jams and marmalades that are made with fresh fruits instead of the usual concentrated fruit puree. She only use freshly picked fruits, natural pectin from apples and very little sugar - without any artificial ingredients or preservatives. In the meantime she has created 68 different flavors and our friends and neighbors have overwhelmed her with "orders". She has therefore converted her hobby into a little business. Please have a look at her other web site at: www.staindl.at Unfortunately, for the time being, she can only ship to customers within the European Union.




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