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Boris Akunin (2004) Winter Queen.

A historical conspiracy, set in Czarist Russia. The hero is the somewhat naive, but good-looking Police Detective Fandorin, who investigates the suicide of a student and finds much more than he expected. If you like linear action thrillers with short sentences, forget this book! But if you savor elaborate, intricate plots, historical atmosphere, unique characters, bizarre plot twists, deception and disguise, read the "Winter Queen".

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Boris Akunin (2008) Special Assignments: The Further Adventures of Erast Fandorin.

Erast Fandorinh, a nineteenth-century sleuth in Russia, is hunting a swindler and a serial killer. The cast is populated by eccentric characters and superbly twists through the underworld of Czarist Russia. Well crafted literature - both entertaining and thrilling.

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Boris Akunin (2006) Pelagia And The White Bulldog: The First Sister Pelagia Mystery.

Unlike Akunin's Erast Fandorin series, this book features nun Pelagia solving crimes in rural Czarist Russia. Her investigation of the initial crime, the killing of white bulldogs, is just the first step into the labyrinth of this story.

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Richard Aleas (2007) Songs of Innocence.

Private investigator John Blake, depressed by the murder of his ex-girlfriend, has enrolled in a creative writing class at Columbia University. When his classmate, beautiful and melancholy Dorrie Burke, dies in her bathtub, police declares it a suicide. Blake doesn't buy it. His search for the murderer leads him deep into a seedy world of prostitution.

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Eric Ambler (2001) The Mask for Dimitrios / A Coffin for Dimitrios. (First published 1939)

Ambler's story of a mystery writer in Istanbul, who gets himself involved with the criminal and spy Dimitrios, is a true classic. Dimitrios' corpse has just been fished out of the Bosporus by the police. As the writer sets out to discover Dimitrios' past, someone is stalking him on his trail from Smyrna to Athens to Sofia.

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Eric Ambler (2002) Journey Into Fear.

Mr. Graham, a naval ordnance engineer for an English armament manufacturer is assisting Turkey during WWII to modernize their navy, when he finds himself the object of an assassination plot headed up by a German agent named Moeller. Graham, an ordinary fellow, outwitts the professional killers.

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Suzanne Arruda (2007) Stalking Ivory.

In this Jade del Cameron adventure, the heroine travels to British East Africa to photograph and write about Elephants. When she discovers the corpses of four elevants and a dead soldier who apparently tried to stop the poachers, Jade sets out to hunt down the killers.

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Suzanne Arruda (2006) Mark of the Lion.

In 1919, Arruda introduced American heroine Jade del Cameron, an ambulance driver in WWI. Jade is searching for the missing brother of her former lover in Kenya among the country's colonial elite. During her explorations she learns Swahili, hunts wild animals, travels to the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro and falls in love with a man twice her age. Arruda captures the atmosphere of the period

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Kate Atkinson (2008) Case Histories: A Novel.

Private investigator Jackson Brodie, a former police inspector, takes on three cases involving past crimes that occurred in and around London. This is not your standard action thriller but a smart, carfully plotted series of family sagas that keep you on the edge until they converge to unexpected conclusions.

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Bob Avey (2006) Twisted Perception

Police detective Kenny Elliot in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is untangling the fabric of his nightmares going back to his childhood in small-town America.

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