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Kobe Abe (2001) The Ruined Map: A Novel.

In this surrealist horror story from Japan the hero, a private investigator, is asked to find a young woman's husband who disappeared over half a year ago. The pursuit leads him into the depth of Tokyo's underworld and the mysteries of the human mind.

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Kobo Abe (1991) The Woman in the Dunes. (First published in 1962)

In this strangely terrifying book Niki Jumpei, an amateur entomologist discovers a bizarre village in the dunes, where residents live in deep sand pits. They take him prisoner. While constantly shoveling sand that threatens to bury the community, Niki struggles to escape. With its bizarre plot Abe has created one of the finest Japanese post-war novels.

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Peter Abrahams (2005) Down the Rabbit Hole: An Echo Falls Mystery.

In his first suspense novel for ages 10-up, bestselling author Abrahams tells the story of 13-year-old Ingrid Levin-Hill. She plays soccer and is title actor of "Alice in Wonderland" at the local theater in small-town Echo Falls. As another actor, the eccentric Katherine Kovac, is murdered, Ingrid becomes an amateur investigator. If you want to get your children reading, give them this topnotch mystery.

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J.J. Abrams (Creator) / Doug Dorst (Author) (2013) S.

The craziest, most unusual mystery book of 2013. A brilliant story filled with secrets, fun and intrigues. This is a must-read for literary puzzle fans...(Publishers Weekly). A book in a book.

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Paul Adam (2004) Flash Point.

In the Himalayas of Tibet, journalist Maggie Walsh joins the search for the baby in whom a new Dalai Lama has been reincarnated. What follows is a cat and mouse chase between the Chinese Public Security Bureau and the group of Buddhist monks. Nelson DeMille calls the book "fast-paced and refreshingly original".

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Terry Adams / Mary Brooks-Mueller / Scott Shaw (1999) Eye of the Beast.

This book chronicles the investigation and conviction to death of James Wood in 1993. He kidnapped and murdered an 11-year-old girl, raped at least 85 women, is credited with 185 robberies and committed dozens of murders. The horror of this book is the apparent utter lack of conscience and the boundless blood rage of this killer.

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Jussi Adler-Olsen (2012) The Absent One.

This mixture of Nordic noir and shrewd humour is certainly less depressing and more quirky than some of the other Scandinavian thrillers. A relentless ride of twisty puzzles!

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Boris Akunin (2006) The Death of Achilles.

Special agent "Petrovich Fandorin", a Russian version of Sherlock Holmes, not only speaks Japanese and English, but is also a martial arts fighter and lady-killer in a historical plot set in 1882. Time Magazine compares best-selling author Boris Akunin with Gogol and Chekhov.

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Boris Akunin (2005) Murder on the Leviathan.

19th-century Russian sleuth Erast Fandorin investigates undercover on the luxurious steamship Leviathan en route to India from England in 1878. While the setting may be conventional Agatha Christie style (all suspects gathered in a secluded place), there is nothing conventional about Akunin's characters, which all have their own history, style and voice.

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Boris Akunin (2005) The Turkish Gambit.

In the chaos of a military conflict between Czarist Russia and the Ottoman Empire Special Agent Fandorin investigates a suspicious colonel in Bucharest. Don't read this book if you like straight plots! The Turkish Gambit contains everything - from politics in 1877 to suffragettes, harems, courtesans, deadly duels, suicides, combat action, numerous quirky characters and a dramatic climax.

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