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A. C. Baantjer (2007) DeKok and Murder on Blood Mountain.

With the experience of a thirty-eight-year career in law enforcement, Baantjer has created fictional characters of unique personality and depth. His Detective Inspector DeKok is a veteran policeman who has seen it all. In this novel, DeKok investigates "Bloedberg", a neighborhood in the Belgium city of Antwerp, where a man was fished from the river Scheldt.

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A. C. Baantjer (2003) Murder in Amsterdam.

Fat Sonja, an Amsterdam prostitute, is the first victim in a series of murders in Europe's sex-business capital. Written by A.C. Baantjer, one of the most popular authors in the Netherlands, this police procedural features some rather unorthodox methods by veteran policeman DeKok. Baantier, himself an Inspector with Amsterdam's police for almost 40 years, knows what he is talking about.

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Robert Baer (2006) Blow the House Down.

Closely observed details of intelligence work. Not bad.

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David Baldacci (2007) Stone Cold. (The Camel Club Series) [Large Print]

In this Camel Club adventure, Annabelle Conroy, is on the run after stealing $40 million from a casino owner, who killed her mother. A fast page turner with enough deception, corruption, and anarchy to fill several books.

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David Baldacci (2012) The Forgotten.

John Puller, a military cop, is the lone hero who fights against corruption while looking into his aunt's disappearance. Mass-produced entertainment for those who believe heroes have to be 6 feet tall, athletic and surrounded by good-looking blonds. If you also don't mind a rediculously absurd plot you might be thrilled.

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David Baldacci (2009) First Family

Former Secret Service agents Michelle Maxwell and Sean King are hired by First Lady Jane Cox to find her 12-year-old niece who has been kidnapped following a birthday party at Camp David. Depictions of national security procedures.

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Simon Becket (2007) The Chemistry of Death.

Dr. David Hunter, a successful, but retired, forensic anthropologist reluctantly investigates a series of killings in the quiet village of Manham.

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John Benedict (2005) Adrenaline.

Anesthesiologist Dough Landry finds himself under suspicion as patients start dying unexpectedly in the operation room at Mercy Hospital. He becomes trapped in a race against time to prevent more deaths - including his own. Exceptional in its realism this top-notch medical thriller is one of the best of its genre.

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Alex Berenson (2006) The Faithful Spy.

CIA agent John Wells has penetrated the upper levels of al-Qaeda. As Jalal he is sent back to the US on a terror mission by bin Laden's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Wells, who has become a Muslim, but has remained loyal to America, is now suspected by his CIA bosses to be a double agent. As two bombs explode in L.A. suspicion is rising. A timely story.

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Alex Berenson (2013) The Night Ranger (A John Wells Novel)

A carefully-researched and meticulously plotted fast-paced spy novel. A bit fluffy, but still a page-turner.

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