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Edwin Black (1999) Format C:

From Y2K-bug to biblical archeology in Israel.

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Benjamin Black (2011) A Death in Summer: A Novel.

Brooding pathologist Dr. Quirke and Detective Inspector Hackett of Scotland Yard investigate the death of wealthy Richard Jewell, whose head has been blown off. In this smooth mystery novel set in 1950s Dublin, John Banville (pen name Benjamin Black) skillfully explores a broad cast of eccentric characters linked by a web of abuse, corruption, guilt, and desperation.

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Robert Bloch (1991) Psycho.

Psycho all came from Robert Bloch's book (Alfred Hitchcock). The novel, originally published in 1959, describes the events surrounding the profoundly disturbed motel proprietor Norman Bates.

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Lawrence Block (2011) A Drop of the Hard Stuff.

Former NYPD cop with a drinking problem outsmarts a clever and elusive killer. Excellent.

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Kevin Bohacz (2007) Immortality.

Silently, something is going horribly wrong. Deep in the Amazon, humans drop dead within small circular areas. But soon these "killing zones" spread to the US. Apparently, a benign bacterium has been somehow altered to become deadly. For an apocalypse book Bohacz's tale has a surprisingly rich cast of characters.

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Michael Bond (2006) Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Militant Housewives.

What can you expect from a story that starts with an exploding coffin at a funeral ceremony, where the main heroes are Paris Surete Inspector Monsieur Pamplemousse and his bloodhound Pommes Frittes, and a CIA agent pretending to be a cuisine chef and experimenting with a dog translator? Hilarious entertainment - especially for young adults.

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Simon Boswell (2005) The Seven Symphonies: A Finnish Murder Mystery.

On a bitterly cold morning in Helsinki, Finland a young woman is found dead in a Park. A serial killer has made his first move. He seems to be a lover of classical music, because he associates each of his attacks with one of the symphonies of the great Finnish composer: Jean Sibelius. A most unusual psycho-thriller with a smart plot and deep insights into the male sex-drive!

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Judy Boynton (2000) Guardian of Innocence: A New Zealand Murder Mystery.

Marla is the guardian of an innocent girl, Jessica, who has been witness to a murder in New Zealand and has not spoken since then. As they both travel to the scene of the crime they are threatened by a chain of chilling accidents. Apparently, the killer wants to stop Jessica from disclosing his identity. A stunning description of New Zealand!

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Gary Braver (2010) Gray Matter.

Dr. Lucius Malenko medically enhances childrens' intelligence at his exclusive Nova Children's Center. Above average medical thriller!

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Dan Brown (2006) The Da Vinci Code.

International murder mystery with a collection of fascinating esoteria from 2,000 years of Western civilization. Brown suggests a catholic conspiracy, linking Mona Lisa's smile to the secret of the Holy Grail. While historians have complaints about the accuracy of Brown's facts, no one has any doubts that this is one of the most thrilling and briskly paced page-turners in years.

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