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Elizabeth Darrell (2005) Russian Roulette.

British army officer Judith King has spent the night in the arms of half-Russian intelligence officer Leo Bekov. Unfortunately, he is found killed the next morning. MPs Max Rydal and Tom Black are assigned to the case and soon find out that the good-looking and charismatic Bekov was the darling of his fellow soldiers' wives.

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Marquise de Sade (1996) Crimes of Love.

Defiant, provocative and unconventional. De Sade's best collection of erotic crime.

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Jeffery Deaver (2002) The Blue Nowhere: A Novel.

A thriller for hackers. The most exciting, and most vivid fiction yet about the web. A cyber genius helps law enforcement to nail a criminal hacker, who is luring innocent victims to their death by infiltrating their computers.

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Len Deighton (1995) The Ipcress File.

Cold war spy thriller that set the standards for the genre. Highly unusual, with a shrewd sense of humour.

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Nelson DeMille (2002) The General's Daughter.

Vietnam veteran DeMille wrote this story of military justice with an eye for the life on a military base. Paul Brenner of the Army's Criminal Investigation Division is assigned to handle the bizarre murder case of Ann Campbell, daughter of Fort Hadley's post commander. The case is politically explosive, as high-ranking soldiers are linked to Ann's shocking secret sex life.

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Nelson DeMille (1987) Word of Honor.

DeMille tells the story of ordinary soldier, Ben Tyson, whose Army commission is reactivated so that he can be prosecuted on charges of murder. 15 years ago, his platoon fought in the Tet offensive in Vietnam. He is accused of ordering killings of civilians in a hospital. But was it really true - or is someone grinding an axe? A gripping courtroom drama.

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Nelson DeMille (2008) The Gate House.

DeMille's plot includes the Mafia, Muslim terrorists, Long Island's rich and beautiful and, of course, his main protagonist, the lawyer and freelance detective John Sutter. Light entertainment for long flights!

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William Diehl (1994) Primal Fear.

A sainted archbishop is murdered, mutilated, and dismembered in his rectory. Aaron Stampler, an angelic-looking young man, is found crouched in a confessional, covered with blood, clutching a butcher's knife, swearing his innocence. Martin Vail is the brilliant lawyer who uncovers the horrifying truth about the crime.

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Tina Dirmann (2005) Such Good Boys: The True Story of a Mother, Two Sons and a Horrifying Murder.

When Jane Bautista was in a bad mood, she would lock up her 20-year old son Jason and beat him up with extreme cruelty. After years of physical and psychological abuse, Jason cracked. He strangled his mother and chopped off her head and hands to destroy evidence, while his younger brother watched TV.

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Emma Donoghue (2010) Room: A Novel.

A stunning and provocative novel of survival in captivity inspired by the Josef Fritz case, in which an Austrian man locked his daughter in the basement for 24 years. The claustrophobic story is told from the perspective of a 5 year old child.

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