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Jean-Jacques Fiechter (1998) A Masterpiece of Revenge.

If you like the high art scene this thriller is for you. In Fiechter's masterpiece of revenge, Charles Vermeille, a world-renowned art appraiser is receiving photographs of his beloved only son. The subtle threats of the anonymous sender quickly turn the elegant world of this civilized man into a diabolic nightmare. The fast-paced, wicked plot has more twists and turns than a Swiss mountain road.

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Joseph Finder (2011) Buried Secrets.

Clearly one of the best action thrillers of 2011. Too bad it is so short!

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Helen Fitzgerald (2011) Bloody Women.

A new talent from Australia - writing in the edgier corner of the crime fiction scene. Glorious black comedy. A real women's novel noir: Funny, moving, horryfying. Authentic plot located in Edinburg, Scotland and Italy.

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Vince Flynn (2005) Consent to Kill.

A Saudi billionaire, father of a dead terrorist, is behind a conspiracy to eliminate CIA assassin Mitch Rapp. Hampered by a knee operation and other problems, Mitch has to battle terrorists and paid assassins to save his life, which would be easier, if the new national director of intelligence would not be such a hypocritical coward.

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Gillian Flynn (2012) Gone Girl: A Novel.

A portrait of a marriage so hilariously terrifying, we can only give you the initial premise: on their fifth anniversary, Nick Dunne’s beloved wife Amy disappears, and all signs point to very foul play. Nick has to clear his name before the police finger him for Amy’s murder. Masterful storytelling.

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Gillian Flynn (2007) Sharp Objects: A Novel.

In her thrilling debut, Flynn uncovers the gruesome secrets of a dysfunctional family in small-town America. It is certainly an unusual and captivating read. The horror is creeping up slowly in this dark and twisted story. But for my taste, the characters are a bit too disgusting; there is too much incest, blood and violence. I prefer psychological tension without the repugnant details.

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Ken Follett (1990) The Pillars of the Earth.

This story of intrigue, power, revenge and betrayal chronicles the ups and downs in the life of a prior, his master builder, and their community as they struggle to build a Gothic cathedral in 12th century England. It is a time of tumultuous political and social change. Follett weaves human brutality, steamy sex scenes, deep religious faith, agony and glorious success into his epic historical novel.

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Ken Follett (Narrator: John Lee) (2007) The Pillars of the Earth. First published in 1989. [Audio Book - Unabridged]

Not a crime fiction - but a thrilling epic of ambition, anarchy, and absolute power set against the sprawling medieval canvas of 12th-century England. Folletts sensational historical novel is narrated excellently by John Lee. Nothing is better to get you through long car trips or transatlantic flights.

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Ken Follett (Narrator: John Lee). (2007) Fall of Giants. [Audio Book - Unabridged]

The first novel in Follett's Century Trilogy follows the fates of five families through the world-shaking dramas of the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the struggle for women's suffrage. One of the best Audio Book I have heard so far! Get the unabridged version for a long car trip!

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Ken Follett (Narrator: John Lee) (2007) World Without End. [Audio Book - Unabridged]

Sequel to The Pillars of the Earth. Masterful historical novel! Get the unabridged Audio Book for long flights or car trips!

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