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Ken Follett (2004) Eye of the Needle.

During World War II, The Needle, a ruthless German spy, a young Englishwoman and an investigator are linked together in a breathtaking tale of espionage. This superb thriller is one of the best spy novels ever written.

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Ken Follett (2007) A Dangerous Fortune [Audiobook, Unabridged]

Sex, money, political intrigues, corruption and murder in the world of merchant bankers during the latter part of nineteenth century England. A good story from the author of the "Eye of the Needle". Makes a long drive short.

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Frederick Forsyth (1999) The Day of the Jackal. (Reprint Ed.)

First published in 1971, the Jackal created a new genre: realistic spy fiction. Forsyth didn't bother with fantasy espionage (a la James Bond), but depicted a brutal and nasty world of evildoers. The plot is about an attempt to murder General DeGaulle of France. Most reviewers consider the novel as the gold standard of spy fiction.

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Karin Fossum (2005) He Who Fears the Wolf.

Escaped mental patient Errki Johrma, a schizophrenic, is believed to be involved in a brutal murder, but actually becomes a victim in a seemingly unrelated bank robbery. Inspector Konrad Sejer, a shy, thoughtful widower, tries to solve the two crimes. Fossum's description of Errki's bizarre inner world is deeply horrifying.

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Karin Fossum (2005) Calling Out For You.

Fossum's Inspector Sejer may be compared to Mankell's Wallander - both are typical police detectives from Northern Europe. But where Wallander is a gruff and clumsy bloke, Sejer is a sharp and emphatic observer. In this novel, Sejer investigates the death of a woman coming to Norway from India for her marriage.

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Karin Fossum (2005) Don't Look Back.

Widowed Inspector Sejer investigates the disappearance of a young girl in a small Norwegian village. Not much action, but smart insights in human psychology.

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D. Bruce Foster (2011) Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.

Foster, who was chief of emergency medicine at a Pennsylvania hospital, takes you on an inside story through the intense and often chaotic world of modern emergency medicine.

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Christy Tillery French (2004) The Bodyguard.

In this gritty action-romance, French portrays Natasha (Nattie) Chamberlain, a quick minded and gutsy bodyguard. Blind to danger she successfully runs an Investigative Service in Knoxville Tennessee. When she is hired to guard Roger Valentine, a strange billionaire, not only romantic sparks begin to fly.

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Tana French (2013) Broken Harbor: A Novel (Dublin Murder Squad).

Mick Kennedy, veteran detective with the Irish national police is investigating the killing of two young children and their farther in this slow-moving, psychological thriller.

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Tana French (2008) In the Woods.

French's debut definitely stands appart from the usual run-of-the-mill thrillers. Her main characters, two police detectives, try to solve the murder of a 12 year old girl whose body is found at the site of an archaeological dig in a Dublin suburb. As they probe into the victim's troubled family history they are drawn back into the childhood trauma of one of the detectives. An intelligent, beautifully written thriller that builds unnerving psychological pressure.

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