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Greg Iles (1998) Mortal Fear.

A serial killer stalks an erotic Internet service for victims. System operator, futures trader and online pornographer, Harper Cole, offers his help to the FBI, but becomes a prime suspect. The novel, full of horny sex and butchery violence, is remarkably well plotted with authentic characters and unbearably rising tension.

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Greg Iles (2000) The Quiet Game.

Penn Cage, star prosecutor and author of legal thrillers is the hero in Greg Iles' crime novel. There is not much courtroom action and the characters are a bit stereotype, but the atmosphere of the investigation into a racial murder in Natches, Mississippi is gripping and authentic. Layer after layer Cage uncovers nasty secrets.

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Greg Iles (2006) Turning Angel.

A 17-year-old high school senior is found raped and murdered. She was the secret lover of District Attorney Dr. Andrew Elliott. The story explores the darkest recesses of the human hart and depicts a rotten reality of bad schools, drugs, racial tensions and pornography under the surface of small-town America.

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Arnaldur Indridason (2005) Silence of the Grave.

A corpse is found on a hillside in the outskirts of Reykjavik. The person has been dead at least 50 years. As Detective Erlendur and his team is investigating the events in the past they unravel a case of terrible human nastiness. Indridason's debut is a strange psychological thriller.

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Arnaldur Indriğason (2005) Jar City: A Thriller

A gripping police procedural from Iceland, starring Inspector Erlendur Sveinnson from Reykjavik. He investigates the brutal killing of a pensioner, who seems to have raped several young women. This Nordic Novel Noir, casting a stoic veteran policemen and his broken family, leads to an intelligent exploration of genetically transmitted oncological diseases.

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Michael Innes (2008) Death At The President's Lodging.

Inspector Appleby is called to St Anthony’s College, where the President has been murdered in his Lodging. Michael Innes is the pen-name of J.I.M. Steward, an eminent professor of English, who enjoys himself by placing a corpse carefully in the middle of an Oxbridge college and letting the readers entangle themselves in his web of plot twists.

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Robert Irwin (2003) Exquisite Corpse.

In this psychological drama mediocre surrealist painter Caspar falls in love with Caroline, a rather ordinary secretary. When she suddenly vanishes, Caspar is devastated. At the brink of World War II his search for her leads him to a mental hospital in Nazi Germany. Clever thrill with a fine ironic touch.

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Robert Irwin (1997) The Mysteries of Algiers.

Disturbing psychological study of a fanatical Marxist in French Algiers during the war of independence from France in the late 1950s and early 1960s. This portrait of a true Marxist believer is highly unsettling.

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