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Keith McCarthy (2003) A Feast of Carrion.

Nikki Exner is found murdered in St. Benjamin's Museum of Anatomy and Pathology. The police arrests a young museum employee, who kills himself while in custody. John Eisenmenger performs a second autopsy on the victim, which yields surprising results. McCarthy, a pathologist himself, is telling a story of lust, perversion, incompetence and corruption in an UK department of pathology.

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Cormac McCarthy (2005) No Country for Old Men.

Mixture of action thriller, Western and psychological drama. Starting with an antelope hunt near the Rio Grande the story proceeds into a man-on-the-run thriller, populated by a psychopatic killer and an elderly Sheriff, who is smarter than most, because he knows his limitations. Made into movie by the Coen brothers!

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Val McDermid (2005) The Torment of Others

An apparent copycat serial killer is murdering prostitutes in London, exactly like Derek Tyler, who was put behind bars in a mental hospital a few years ago. But criminal psychologist Dr. Tony Hill and his police colleague, DCI Carol Jordan, are convinced that Tyler himself is behind the killings even if he is safely locked away. A tough psycho-thriller.

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Val McDermid (2001) A Place of Execution.

Defines the category of village mysteries. Superb thriller with complex characters with a plot in the 1960s. A truly haunting tale from rural England.

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David McGowan (2004) Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder.

The author denounces the image of serial killers as psychopathic loners to be a media fabrication. He suggests that many cases of child pornography, serial murder, and pedophilia are linked to secret organizations, which would shield the criminals from prosecution. The author also argues that Intelligence agencies (CIA) use these crimes to compromise prominent targets. Your typical conspiracy theories.

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Patrick McGrath (1991) Spider.

In this study of madness a delusional man returns to a London neighborhood - having been institutionalized for 20 year in a mental hospital with schizophrenia after murdering his mother. He now insists that his father, not he, killed his mother.

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Claire McNab (2005) The Kookaburra Gambit: A Kylie Kendall Mystery.

Australian McNab, now living in California, is a prolific crime fiction writer. Her Kylie Kendall mystery series features brash private investigator Kylie, who newly moved from Down Under to L.A. In the Kookaburra Gambit exquisite Australian black opals are smuggled to America. To see Kylie adjust to her new world and solve the case is deadly funny.

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Patricia Melo (2003) Inferno.

This story of a kid growing up to become head of a drug trafficking gang is not only a thriller, but a portrait of a community that is increasingly loosing its social cohesion.

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Patricia Melo (1999) The Killer.

In this psychological thriller, Brazilian screenwriter Melo has created a social drama, featuring a used-car salesman in suburban Sao Paolo. After a laughable incident he has become a killer for hire. As he is cleaning up the crime-ridden neighborhood, he is gaining social respect. But then his lawless world is falling apart in a killing spree. This literary study of disintegrating social fabric gives a disturbing view into Brazilian society.

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Denise Mina (2011) End of the Wasp Season.

A young woman is found savagely murdered in her home. When DS Alex Morrow, heavily pregnant with twins, is called in to investigate, she soon discovers that behind the murder lurks a tangled web of lies.

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