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Barbara Nadel (2005) Deadly Web.

This unusual story from Turkey features a group of young Goths. Their seemingly romantic cult of Satanism turns dangerous, as some members are killed in what seems to be ritualistic rapes and murders. Police inspectors Cetin Ikmen and Mehmet Suleyman investigate and have to deal with ancient Hebrew practices and traditions of Kabbalah.

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Gary Neece (2011) Cold Blue.

Authentic police procedural written by a eighteen-year veteran of the Police Department in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Jo Nesbø (2012) The Leopard. (A Harry Hole mystery)

Harry Hole is dealing with another psychopath in this tantalizing 600 page thriller. The story moves from Hong Kong to Norway - with side trips to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Brutal and violent - but thought-provoking and addictive!

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Jo Nesbø (2009) Nemesis: A Novel.

Have you ever been to Oslo? If not - read that novel from the best thriller writer of Norway. It captures the atmosphere of the city and their stubborn inhabitants like no other. And the book has an intelligent, complex plot with an unusual theme unlike most of the assembly-line thrillers of the more well-known authors.

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Jo Nesbø (2001) The Redbreast. A Harry Hole Novel.

“An elegant and complex thriller . . . Ingenious design. . . . Harrowingly beautiful scenes.” (New York Times Book Review )

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Jo Nesbø (2011) The Snowman.

Nesbø's seventh Harry Hole novel. Not bad, but not in the same class as Stig Larsson or Henning Mankell.

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Hakan Nesser (2012) Münster's Case: An Inspector Van Veeteren Mystery.

In this slowly, grim, and haunting plot four retirees win equal shares of a lottery prize. Essential for readers of Nordic Noir.

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Nele Neuhaus (2013) Snow White Must Die.

Outstanding thriller from Germany. A small village mystery that is sucking you into a toxic web of human emotions. A nuanced and perfect plot. If you can, read the German original (the translation is less than perfect).

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Michael Newton (2000) The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers.

This exhaustive overview of the most macabre and fascinating branch of crime may have some conceptual flaws (confusing definition of serial killings) and sometimes comes dangerously close to glorifying the hideous personalities of the criminals; but it is the most complete documentation on the market.

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