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Leonardo Padura Fuentes (2005) Havana Red.

A young transvestite in a beautiful red dress is found strangled in a Havana park. Inspector Mario Conde, a Havana policeman, is investigating in Cuba's marginalized and persecuted homosexual community. Fascinating portrait of a crumbling post-revolution society - painted with a sharp eye for the repressions of a totalitarian regime. Rather explicit sexual details.

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Leonardo Padura Fuentes (2006) Adios Hemingway.

Retired Inspector Mario Conde is obsessed with Hemingway. When a dead body is discovered on Hemingway's property (Finca Vigia) in Cuba, Conde is reluctantly taking the case. During his investigation he visits all the places that bring to life Hemingway's time in Cuba during the last days of the Batista era.

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Sara Paretsky (2013) Critical Mass (A V.I. Warshawski Novel).

Judy, the drug-addicted daughter of Kitty Binder, calls Lotty Herschel for help and then disappears. Kitty, a Holocaust survivor whom Lotty knew in wartime Vienna, seems uninterested in finding her daughter, but she hires Vic Warshawski to locate her grandson. Now Vic has to solve two missing person cases. Heartbraking!

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Jefferson T. Parker (2006) The Fallen.

San Diego homicide detective Robbie Brownlaw suffers a head trauma that lets him see visual effects related to speakers' emotions. This helps him to investigate a case in which a man, who has uncovered a corruption scandal, was killed while waiting for a meeting with his estranged wife. Parkers first-class police procedural has psychological depth and vivid characters.

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R.J. Parker (2013) Serial Killers Case Files.

Parker superbly portrays the minds of madmen and madwomen. His concise, yet informative, descriptions include several unsolved cases. He also writes about atrocities committed by women and medical doctors.

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P.J. Parrish (2007) A Thousand Bones.

Joe Frye, a lone female homicide detective in the Miami-Dade Police Department, looks back at her rookie years when she was working at the Echo Bay, Michigan police department. Human bones are found in a forest area of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and the hunt is on for a serial killer.

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James Patterson / Andrew Gross (2006) Judge & Jury.

Fast paced.

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James Patterson (2011) Tick Tock (Michael Bennett).

A killer is recreating the murders of famous NYC serial killers. The usual lightning-fast-paced action. Good for the morning commute on the train and a bit better than some of the other mass-produced action thrillers Patterson recently published.

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James Patterson (2010) The 9th Judgment [Audiobook Unabridged].

A young mother and her infant child are ruthlessly gunned down while returning to their car in the garage of a shopping mall. As usual, Patterson's ninth Women's Murder Club novel is a fast, no-nonsense thrill - perfect for a long drive to keep you awake!

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James Patterson (2012) Merry Christmas (Alex Cross Novel).

Low-quality, mass-produced entertainment for those who are too lazy to look up really good thrillers.

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