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Juan Jose Saer (2009) The Witness

A 15-year-old cabin boy, en route from Spain to the New World in the 16th century, is the sole survivor of a raid in a remote part of the world. He lives with his Indian captors for a decade and witnesses their annual cannibalistic festivals.

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John Sandford (2006) Dead Watch.

Scheduled for publication: May 16, 2006

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Dorothy L. Sayers (1995) Gaudy Nights. (First published in 1935)

This Lord Peter Wimsey mystery unfolds at the all-female Shrewsbury College at Oxford. Harriet Vane, mystery writer and alumna of the College, comes back for the annual Gaudy night, where she receives a note full of hatred. Some time later she is called back by the Dean because the unpleasant events have intensified. Academic life, mixed with vitriolic hate.

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Steven Saylor (2000) Roman Blood: A Novel of Ancient Rome.

The first installment of Saylor's Roma Sub Rosa series takes the reader deep into the social, political and legal affairs of the Roman Empire. Set in 80 B.C., orator Cicero is defending Sextus Roscius, a wealthy farmer, who is accused of murdering his father. Saylor's legal thriller is a blend of actual history and fiction, spiced with conspiracy, rage and deception.

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Steven Saylor (2000) Last Seen in Massilia.

Marseilles in 49 B.C.: In the midst of the bloody Roman civil war, Master detective Gordianus the Finder is on a personal mission to learn the truth about his missing son, Meto, who allegedly was killed as a punishment for betraying Caesar. But is he really dead? In Saylor's Roma Sub Rosa series of historical crime fiction, Last Seen in Massilia is the eighth installment.

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Paul Schrader (1990) Taxi Driver.

Vietnam veteran Travis Bickler is a lonely man - disgusted with the street-scum of pimps, drug dealers, Mafiosi, and prostitutes in New York City. As a taxi driver on night shift he is longing for true love and beauty, which he thinks he has found in Betsy. But their relationship is doomed. In a state of psychotic rage, Travis goes on a murdering rampage.

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Christina Schwarz (2001) Drowning Ruth: A Novel.

Schwarz's spenseful debut is a tale of family rivalry, madness, secrets and obsessive love in the 1919s, on the heels of the influenza epidemic and WWI.

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Lisa Scottoline (2005) Devil's Corner.

Scottoline's 12th novel was inspired by a real-life drug trafficking case. While Assistant U.S. Attorney Vicki Allegretti is interviewing an informant, he and her partner are shot. Vicki's gutsy investigation of the two deaths leads her to "Devil's Corner", a drug-riddled neighborhood in Philadelphia.

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Lisa Scottoline (2007) Daddy's Girl [Audio Book, Unabridged]

Testosterone-filled thriller with a female heroine.

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Lisa See (1997) Flower Net.

Inspector Liu Hulan, a privileged daughter of one of Chairman Mao's aides, investigates the death of the American ambassador's son as well as that of a wealthy Chinese businessman. This brings her to California, where she teams up with Assistant U.S. Attorney David Stark. The cultural contrast gives the story a background beyond the usual espionage thriller.

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