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Frank Tallis (2007) Death in Vienna: A Novel.

In 1902 Vienna was a cultural and scientific center of the World. Detective Oskar Rheinhardt and his friend Max Liebermann investigate a mysterious murder. Elegant fin-de-siècle portrait of the seat of the Austro-Hungarian empire and an intelligent story. Top-notch thriller with style!

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Donna Tartt (2004) The Secret History.

A chronicle of debauched, wasted youth at Vermont's Hampden College involving two murders.

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Andrew Taylor (2003) The Mortal Sickness. (A Lydmouth Mystery)

Live in the village of Lydmouth, a few years after WWII, is far from peaceful and quiet. After a woman is murdered in the church's vestry Detective Inspector Thornhill, assisted by rather incompetent and unwilling policemen, is uncovering the dirty secrets of is eccentric inhabitants.

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Andrew Taylor (2004) An Unpardonable Crime.

Set in 1819, this Victorian-era suspenseful novel portraits Thomas Shield, a young schoolmaster in Stoke Newington near London who gets entangled with two wealthy banking families. As one of the Bankers is murdered Shield is drawn to the attractive widow. Don't buy this book if you are a slow reader, or if you crave fast-paced action.

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Andrew Taylor (2001) The Four Last Things. (The Roth Trilogy)

Horrific story about the daughter of a newly ordained deacon and her husband, a London policeman. The little girl is kidnapped by a pedophile and his female companion, Angel, a psychopathic serial killer. Not for the faint of heart!

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Peter Temple (2007) The Broken Shore: A Novel.

Joe Cashin, a city homicide cop, investigates the killing of an elderly millionaire in a quiet coastal region of South Australia. The search takes him to the underworld of child pornography and sexual abuse. Temple's vivid characters amidst a magical landscape are stunning. A sophisticated thriller!

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Stephen Templin / Howard E. Wasdin (2011) SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper.

Wasdin was a member of SEAL team six - those guys who got bin Laden. While he was not involved in the OBL raid, his biography reads like an action thriller.

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Josephine Tey (1995) Daughter of Time. (First published in 1951)

While convalescing in a hospital bed, Scotland Yard Inspector Alan Grant sees the portrait of Richard III. As he contemplates Shakespeare's depiction of the king as a bloodthirsty monster, who has murdered his two nephews, Grant has second thoughts. The detective begins to digs into historical documents - with surprising results. Has acquired cult status among thriller fans.

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Josephine Tey (2000) The Daughter of Time (Inspector Grant Mysteries).

First published in 1951, Josephine Tey's insightful mystery, has acquired cult status among thriller fans. Enjoy 5 1/2 hoursis of this old-school Scotland Yard re-investigation of the death of the nephews of Richard III.

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Johan Theorin (2009) The Darkest Room: A Novel.

This excellent plot is deeply disturbing: A young couple, Joakim and Katrine, with two children is trying to make a new home in an old manor house on a desolate island. One day Joakim comes home to discover that Katrine has drowned in shallow water near Eel Point's twin lighthouses.

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