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Edgar Wallace (2001) Dark Eyes Of London. (First published in 1924)

Inspector Holt and his valet Sunny are relaxing in Monte Carlo when they are called back to Scotland Yard. Mr. Gordon Stuart has been found drowned in suspicious circumstances. The investigation leads Holt into a string of exciting adventures and romance. From the creator of King Kong.

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Minette Walters (1993) The Ice House

Walters' debut starts with a mysterious disappearance: Ten years ago, Phoebe's husband David vanished without a trace after his wife caught him in bed with their daughter Jane. When a male corpse is discovered in an Icehouse of the estate, the police suspect Phoebe and her two best friends. The investigation threatens to ruin the lives of the three women.

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Joseph Wambaugh (2008) The New Centurions.

Ex-cop turned bestselling writer Joseph Wambaugh portrays American cops as hard-drinking, skirt-chasing, foul-mouthed, and cynical. Wambough follows a class of new police recruits through their trials, triumphs and personal failures.

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Joseph Wambaugh (2010) Hollywood Hills: A Novel.

Wambaugh mixes the hillariously funny and the sad and thoughtful in a unique way. A combination of freak show and serious police work.

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Sarah Waters (2002) Fingersmith.

This hypnotic suspense novel is a sumptuous slice of lesbian Victoriana, featuring pickpockets (finger smiths), grim prisons, lunatic asylums, and stolen fortunes.

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Colin Watson (1991) The Naked Nuns.

Inspector Purbright receives a strange cable - stating that "TWO NAKED NUNS AVAILABLE PHILADELPHIA". Featuring white slave traffic and international crime, this novel is one of Watson's best. His Inspector Purbright is the most intellectually dazzling detective in fiction and Watson's dry wit is unique among English crime fiction writers.

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S. J. Watson (2011) Before I Go To Sleep: A Novel.

Every day Christine wakes up her memories had disappeared. She starts a journal to help jog her memory every day. One morning, she opens it and reads: Don't trust Ben. (Ben is her husband). Some critics say: Best debut literary thrillers in recent years! I think it is not bad.

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Hillary Waugh (1999) Last Seen Wearing (Firsst published in 1952).

This classic novel is probably the first police procedural. The story takes place in the 1950s, but is as fresh as if it happened just yesterday.

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Douglas Weber (2007) Solomon's key. The CODIS Project: A Conspiracy Thriller.

One of the best offsprings of the religious conspiracy genre created by Dan Brown. This book has it all: An ancient secret society in the Vatican, the FBI's DNA index system, a beautiful Moassad agent, Mary Magdalena and an al-Qaeda orchestrated wave of terrorist attacks.

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Kevin Weeks / Phyllis Karas (2006) Brutal: The Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger's Irish Mob.

The disgusting hero (and co-author of the book), Phyllis Karas is a macho psychopath with an allegedly near genius IQ of 150. He grew up in the Southie projects of Boston and was the right-hand thug of one of the most notorious mob bosses. If you can stand the brutality it's certainly a fascinating read.

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