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Charles Willeford (2001) The Woman Chaser.

Charles Willeford's story is about a cruel, perverted character - a used car salesman who wants to become famous by making a film. With complete lack of compassion he abuses everyone around him to achieve this goal. Willeford's portrait of this psychopath is chilling to the bone.

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Robert Wilson (2002) A Small Death in Lisbon.

In 1941, a tough but likeable German businessman, Klaus Felsen, is persuaded by the Gestapo to go to Portugal and seize a large amount of tungsten, vital to the Nazi war effort. In 1999 Catarina Oliviera, daughter of a prominent lawyer, has been found brutally murdered Lisbon and Ze Coehlo, a liberal police inspector is investigating the disgusting circumstances of her death. The two story lines merge in a surprising climax.

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Laura Wilson (2006) A Thousand Lies.

A dark story of brutal sadism and sexual abuse.

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Michael Winerip (2005) Adam Canfield of the Slash.

Adam is the new coeditor of "The Slash" - a school newspaper. He and two other student journalists find out that the school's ambitious principal may be involved in a case of fund misuse. Should they report the case in their newspaper, or settle for an easy way out? Written by a Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist for the New York Times. Grades 5-8.

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Jacqueline Winspear (2004) Maisie Dobbs.

Winspear's moving story of Maisie Dobbs may use an outdated female role-model, but her heroine's character and intellect has more substance and depths than can be found in most present-day literature for young adults. The story vividly recreates the period before and after WWI through the experience of a young, intelligent women, who in 1929 has become a private investigator.

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Cornell Woolrich (1995) Waltz into Darkness. (First published in 1947)

Middle-aged Louis Durand, whose fiance died 15 years ago, decides to take one more chance on love and marry a woman he knows only through correspondence. When she arrives, she's younger and more beautiful that he had expected - and far more deadly. A classical novel noire (French movie by Trancois Truffault).

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L. R. Wright (1995) A Touch of Panic (Karl Alberg Mysteries, No. 6)

A must-read for fans of pschological mysteries.

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L.R. Wright (2008) The Suspect (Karl Alberg Mysteries, No. 1)

The first Canadian novelist to win an Edgar award has crafted a disturbing small-town crime mystery with psychological depth.

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Allen Wyler (2005) Deadly Errors

In Seattle's prestigious Maynard Medical Center more and more patients suddenly die due to drug and treatment errors. Dr. Tyler Mathews suspects a faulty computer system but is soon facing a ruthless conspiracy from the hospital's managers. Written by brain surgeon Allen Wyler the thriller's medical details are frighteningly authentic.

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