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Benjamin Black! Benjamin Black (2011)
A Death in Summer: A Novel. Henry Holt and Co.
Brooding pathologist Dr. Quirke and Detective Inspector Hackett of Scotland Yard investigate the death of wealthy Richard Jewell, whose head has been blown off. In this smooth mystery novel set in 1950s Dublin, John Banville (pen name Benjamin Black) skillfully explores a broad cast of eccentric characters linked by a web of abuse, corruption, guilt, and desperation. More...
Denise Mina! Denise Mina (2011)
End of the Wasp Season. Orion Publishing Group
A young woman is found savagely murdered in her home. When DS Alex Morrow, heavily pregnant with twins, is called in to investigate, she soon discovers that behind the murder lurks a tangled web of lies. More...
Stella Rimington! Stella Rimington (2010)
Dead Line (Kindle Edition) Kindle Edition
After working for 27 years in Britain's intelligence agency MI 5, Rimington knows what she is talking about. When she retired as Director General of the agency she started a series of credible espionage thrillers. Her fourth thriller is about a plot to disrupt a Middle East peace conference in Scotland. More...
Richard North Patterson! Richard North Patterson (2007)
Exile. St. Martin's Paperbacks
Rare combination of a thrilling story with an intelligent political analysis of the ongoing tragedy between Israelis and Palestinians. A courtroom drama, a love story, and a political thriller on a most complex and controversial subject. There is not one page that is boring! More...
Friedrich Glauser! Friedrich Glauser (2006)
In Matto's Realm (First published in 1936) Bitter Lemon Press
Glauser's second Sergeant Studer mystery is a psychological police procedural. A child killer has escaped from a psychiatric asylum and as Studer begins to investigate, the director of that institution is found in the boiler room with a broken neck. In a battle of will between Studer and the assistant director, who is suspected of the crime, the truth slowly unravels. A masterpiece! More...
Georges Simenon! Georges Simenon (2005)
The Man Who Watched Trains Go By. (First published in 1938) New York Review Books Classics
Kees Popinga, a Dutch bourgeois and model husband, likes to play chess and look on impassively as the trains to the outside world go by. But then his life falls apart as his company goes into bankruptcy. He quickly degenerates into a amoral creature and embarks on a journey of ruthless brutality. More...

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