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Jean-Jacques Fiechter! Jean-Jacques Fiechter (1998)
A Masterpiece of Revenge. Arcade Publishing
If you like the high art scene this thriller is for you. In Fiechter's masterpiece of revenge, Charles Vermeille, a world-renowned art appraiser is receiving photographs of his beloved only son. The subtle threats of the anonymous sender quickly turn the elegant world of this civilized man into a diabolic nightmare. The fast-paced, wicked plot has more twists and turns than a Swiss mountain road. More...
S. J. Watson! S. J. Watson (2011)
Before I Go To Sleep: A Novel. HarperCollins e-books
Every day Christine wakes up her memories had disappeared. She starts a journal to help jog her memory every day. One morning, she opens it and reads: Don't trust Ben. (Ben is her husband). Some critics say: Best debut literary thrillers in recent years! I think it is not bad. More...
Gary Braver! Gary Braver (2010)
Gray Matter. Forge Books; 1 edition
Dr. Lucius Malenko medically enhances childrens' intelligence at his exclusive Nova Children's Center. Above average medical thriller! More...
Friedrich Glauser! Friedrich Glauser (2008)
The Chinaman (First published in 1938) Bitter Lemon Press
When the body of James Farny is found lying atop the grave of the recently deceased wife the doctor assumes suicide. Studer suspects murder and he slowly, but meticulously, puzzles out the relationships and motives behind the crime. Glauser's forth Sergeant Studer mystery is nothing for fans of fast-paced thrillers - but if you want something beyond today's stereotypes, it is a great read. More...
Kermit Roosevelt! Kermit Roosevelt (2006)
In the Shadow of the Law. Picador
Roosevelt, a former clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter, delivers a first-rate debut with the story of Wayne Harper, who is awaiting execution on Virginia's death row. Highly recommended for those who like intricate legal details and complex characters. More...
John Dickson Carr! John Dickson Carr (2002)
The Hollow Man. (First published 1935) Orion Paperbacks
Three brothers, jailed for bank robbery, fake their deaths and are buried alive. The one with the shovel in his coffin digs his way to freedom, then leaves his brothers in their graves. But they come come back at him. Also published under the title "The Three Coffins", this intricate murder set-up is probably the best novel of the master of classical locked room mysteries. More...

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