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Harper Lee! Harper Lee (1988)
To Kill a Mocking Bird. Warner Books
First published in 1960, the novel is a classic. It is set in Maycomb, a fictional representation of Monroeville, Alabama. The novel was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, and within two years sold more than five million copies in 13 countries. Shame on you, if you have not read "the best novel of the century" (Library Journal). More...
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William Landay! William Landay (2012)
Defending Jacob: A Novel. Delacorte Press
Assistant district attorney Andy Barber, his wife, Laurie, and their teenage son, Jacob, are living an idyllic existence until one of Jacob's classmates is stabbed to death. In a parent's worst nightmare their son becomes the prime suspect of being a sociopatic killer. More...
Scott Turow! Scott Turow (1989)
Presumed Innocent. Warner Books
Turow's first courtroom thriller is one of the best legal fiction novels. As a former U.S. prosecutor, Turow has intimate knowledge of legal procedures and can draw the reader into the grittily realistic drama of a murder trial. A dark twist of events transforms prosecutor Susty Sabich from the accuser to the accused. More...
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Richard North Patterson! Richard North Patterson (2007)
Exile. St. Martin's Paperbacks
Rare combination of a thrilling story with an intelligent political analysis of the ongoing tragedy between Israelis and Palestinians. A courtroom drama, a love story, and a political thriller on a most complex and controversial subject. There is not one page that is boring! More...
Robert Traver! Robert Traver (2005)
Anatomy of a Murder. (First published in 1958) St. Martin's Griffin
Traver's book tells a story of deceit and murder that ends in a sensational trial. Army Lt. Manion has obviously killed tavern owner Barney Quil, the man who allegedly raped his wife. A cunning prosecutor and a determined defense attorney are battling out the convoluted case, with a surprising end. Also a classic Otto Preminger film. More...
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John Grisham! John Grisham (2004)
A Time to Kill. Dell
A young lawyer defends Carl Lee Hailey, a black Vietnam war hero, who had killed the white rednecks who raped his child. The tiny town of Clanton, Mississippi, is split: Some folks want to give Carl Lee a second medal; others want him to roast on the electric chair. Probably the best Grisham. (Great movie on blue-ray DVD) More...
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