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John Grisham! John Grisham (1993)
The Pelican Brief. (Reprint Ed.) Dell
Two Supreme Court justices are assassinated. Darby Shaw, a second year law student, finds out why. In a brief she points out a possible suspect to her professor. As he gets killed with a car bomb that was obviously intended for her, Darby is on the run. Mighty men want to suppress the information with all means. More...
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John Grisham! John Grisham (1992)
The Firm. Dell
About a law firm controlled by the Mafia. Fast-paced, smart, with believable characters. One of the best legal thrillers on the market. More...
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Kermit Roosevelt! Kermit Roosevelt (2006)
In the Shadow of the Law. Picador
Roosevelt, a former clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter, delivers a first-rate debut with the story of Wayne Harper, who is awaiting execution on Virginia's death row. Highly recommended for those who like intricate legal details and complex characters. More...
John Grisham! John Grisham (2004)
The Last Juror. Dell
More than a courtroom drama, the Last Juror is the portrait of a small town in Mississippi and its people - including the renegade Padgitt family who is terrorizing the region. Willie Traynor, a long-haired college dropout, launches a crusade in the local newspaper to bring a murderer from the Padgitt family to justice. More...
John Grisham! John Grisham (1996)
The Rainmaker. Dell
The Rainmaker is about a rooky lawyer named Rudy Baylor who just graduated from law school. Not as fast as "The Firm", but much funnier. Grisham's cynical portrayal of big firm lawyers is an excellent look into the real world of law. Also an excellent film by Francis Ford Coppola. More...
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Greg Iles! Greg Iles (2006)
Turning Angel. Pocket
A 17-year-old high school senior is found raped and murdered. She was the secret lover of District Attorney Dr. Andrew Elliott. The story explores the darkest recesses of the human hart and depicts a rotten reality of bad schools, drugs, racial tensions and pornography under the surface of small-town America. More...

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