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William J. Coughlin! William J. Coughlin (2004)
Death Penalty. St. Martin's Paperbacks
Charlie Sloan takes charge of a $5-million personal injury suit against the Ford company. A man was paralyzed in a traffic accident. He also defends a doctor in an assisted suicide case and has to deal with high-court corruption. A portrait of corruption in the legal system. More...
Michael Connelly! Michael Connelly (2008)
The Brass Verdict: A Novel. Little, Brown and Company
LAPD Detective Harry Bosch and criminal defense lawyer Mickey Haller grudgingly cooperate to solve the murder of Jerry Vincent. Haller has inherited the entire caseload of former prosecutor Jerry Vincent. Jerry has been defending a powerful Hollywood producer who has been charged with murdering his wife and her lover. Brilliant thriller! More...
Robert van Gulik! Robert van Gulik (2007)
The Chinese Maze Murders: A Judge Dee Mystery. (First published in 1957) University Of Chicago Press
Legal thriller from 7th century China. The plot is based on real crime-detecting judge Ti Jen-chieh (630-700 AD). Fairly accurate rendering of traditional Chinese court proceedings with a colorful portrait of social and cultural conditions ancient China. One of the best books in the Judge Dee Mystery series. More...
Michael Connelly! Michael Connelly (2005)
The Lincoln Lawyer. Little, Brown
Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller is haunted by how he mishandled the case of (probably innocent) Jesus Menendez. Working from his Lincoln Town car, he represents a young rich real estate broker who is charged in the attempted murder of a prostitute. For Haller, this is a worst-case scenario: a client, who may be actually innocent. Best legal thriller of 2007. More...
William J. Coughlin! William J. Coughlin (2003)
Judgement. St. Martin's Paperbacks
Charlie Sloan, troubled ex-alcoholic and first-class lawyer defends a Detroit deputy policy chief, who is charged with stealing $1 million. There is also the somewhat unrelated story of a serial killer of children. (Published posthumously) More...
John Grisham! John Grisham (2008)
The Appeal. Delta
John Grisham seems to be booked at number one on the New York Times bestseller list - no matter what! But his latest courtroom drama is filled with stereotyped characters and a simplistic storyline. A fast read with a little too much lecturing about how greed and big business have corrupted electoral and judicial systems. More...

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