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Nelson DeMille! Nelson DeMille (1987)
Word of Honor. Warner Books
DeMille tells the story of ordinary soldier, Ben Tyson, whose Army commission is reactivated so that he can be prosecuted on charges of murder. 15 years ago, his platoon fought in the Tet offensive in Vietnam. He is accused of ordering killings of civilians in a hospital. But was it really true - or is someone grinding an axe? A gripping courtroom drama. More...
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Michael Swiger! Michael Swiger (2009)
Lethal Ambition: A Novel (An Edward Mead Legal Thriller) OakTara
Biblical Christianty meets murder mystery in a legal thriller. More...
James Patterson / Andrew Gross! James Patterson / Andrew Gross (2006)
Judge & Jury. Little, Brown
Fast paced. More...
David Rosenfelt! David Rosenfelt (2003)
Open and Shut. Grand Central Publishing
Defense lawyer Andy Carpentera takes on a new client: a man on death row, appealing his conviction for the murder of a woman nearly a decade ago. Rosenfelt's debut is charming, witty and sometimes funny. More...
Greg Iles! Greg Iles (2000)
The Quiet Game. Signet
Penn Cage, star prosecutor and author of legal thrillers is the hero in Greg Iles' crime novel. There is not much courtroom action and the characters are a bit stereotype, but the atmosphere of the investigation into a racial murder in Natches, Mississippi is gripping and authentic. Layer after layer Cage uncovers nasty secrets. More...
Steven Saylor! Steven Saylor (2000)
Roman Blood: A Novel of Ancient Rome. St. Martin's Minotaur
The first installment of Saylor's Roma Sub Rosa series takes the reader deep into the social, political and legal affairs of the Roman Empire. Set in 80 B.C., orator Cicero is defending Sextus Roscius, a wealthy farmer, who is accused of murdering his father. Saylor's legal thriller is a blend of actual history and fiction, spiced with conspiracy, rage and deception. More...

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