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Paul LaRosa! Paul LaRosa (2006)
Tacoma Confidential: A True Story of Murder, Suicide, and a Police Chief's Secret Life. Signet
Paul LaRosa tells the true story of Police Chief David Brame of Tacoma, Washington - of his abusive marriage and the resulting deaths. But this is not only a story about a husband, enraged by an impending divorce, killing his wife. It is the story of a sex-obsessed man, who used his power to fulfill his sexual fantasies. More...
Georges Simenon! Georges Simenon (2005)
Tropic Moon. New York Review Books Classics
In the former French colony of Gabon, Joseph Timar has taken on a job with a timber company. He stays at a small hotel in Libreville, where he gets obsessed with the hotelier's wife, Adèle. In the sweltering heat of the tropical sun, Joseph is dragged into the moral decay of crude lust, drinking and brutality of the French expatriates. More...
Janet Evanovich! Janet Evanovich (2005)
Eleven on Top (A Stephanie Plum Novel). St. Martin's Press
Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum lives in a colorful but dangerous world of fugitives that includes everything from exploding cars to wedding preparations, foul-mouthed hookers, evil-eyed grandmas, and romantic affairs. If you like your thrillers with erotic tension and hilarious jokes this one is right for you. More...
Lucy Monroe! Lucy Monroe (2005)
Ready. Brava
Lise, a writer living alone in Seattle, is being stalked. Joshua Watt, a former Army Ranger, who has met Lise when she was still in Texas, will not allow some creep terrorize an innocent woman. As Joshua tries to protect Lise, they are powerfully attracted and drawn to each other. More...
Leonardo Padura Fuentes! Leonardo Padura Fuentes (2005)
Havana Red. Bitter Lemon Press
A young transvestite in a beautiful red dress is found strangled in a Havana park. Inspector Mario Conde, a Havana policeman, is investigating in Cuba's marginalized and persecuted homosexual community. Fascinating portrait of a crumbling post-revolution society - painted with a sharp eye for the repressions of a totalitarian regime. Rather explicit sexual details. More...
Jennifer Skully! Jennifer Skully (2005)
Sex and the Serial Killer. HQN Books
In her hilariously erotic novel Jennifer Skully tells the story of timid Roberta Jones Spivey, who transforms herself into a daring bad girl after her husband of fifteen years deserts her for his high school sweetheart. Roberta, now sexy Bobby, must choose between "bad boy" Nick Angel (alleged serial killer) and the hunky sheriff of Cottonmouth. Juicy sex scenes and witty humor in a perfect summer reading. More...
Don Lee! Don Lee (2004)
Country of Origin. W. W. Norton & Company
Lisa Countryman, a half-Japanese, half-black Berkeley graduate student goes to Japan for her dissertation research, but ends with a job as a hostess girl at a Tokyo men's club. When she disappears, Tom Hurley, lazy junior diplomat at the U.S. Embassy and police detective Kenzo Ota investigate the case, which leads them into the heart of Tokyo's nightlife. More...
A. C. Baantjer! A. C. Baantjer (2003)
Murder in Amsterdam. Intrigue Press
Fat Sonja, an Amsterdam prostitute, is the first victim in a series of murders in Europe's sex-business capital. Written by A.C. Baantjer, one of the most popular authors in the Netherlands, this police procedural features some rather unorthodox methods by veteran policeman DeKok. Baantier, himself an Inspector with Amsterdam's police for almost 40 years, knows what he is talking about. More...

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