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James Siegel! James Siegel (2003)
Derailed. Warner Books
It starts on a commuter train to Penn Station, New York, where Charles Schine meets a sexy young lady. Exhausted from his work and troubled marriage and worried about his diabetic daughter Charles engages in what seems to be a harmless little affair. But then everything turns into a nightmare. A fast-paced page turner. More...
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Sarah Waters! Sarah Waters (2002)
Fingersmith. Riverhead Trade; 1st edition
This hypnotic suspense novel is a sumptuous slice of lesbian Victoriana, featuring pickpockets (finger smiths), grim prisons, lunatic asylums, and stolen fortunes. More...
Scott Phillips! Scott Phillips (2001)
The Ice Harvest. Ballantine Books
Charlie Arglista, a crooked lawyer, is marking time before an important meeting with his shady partner, Vic Cavanaugh. The plot involves organized crime, strippers, grumpy bouncers, a serious snowstorm, and a hero with a profound drinking problem in a frigid Wichita, Kansas setting. More...
Andrew Taylor! Andrew Taylor (2001)
The Four Last Things. (The Roth Trilogy) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd
Horrific story about the daughter of a newly ordained deacon and her husband, a London policeman. The little girl is kidnapped by a pedophile and his female companion, Angel, a psychopathic serial killer. Not for the faint of heart! More...
Greg Iles! Greg Iles (1998)
Mortal Fear. Signet
A serial killer stalks an erotic Internet service for victims. System operator, futures trader and online pornographer, Harper Cole, offers his help to the FBI, but becomes a prime suspect. The novel, full of horny sex and butchery violence, is remarkably well plotted with authentic characters and unbearably rising tension. More...
Marquise de Sade! Marquise de Sade (1996)
Crimes of Love. Peter Owen Publishers
Defiant, provocative and unconventional. De Sade's best collection of erotic crime. More...
Cornell Woolrich! Cornell Woolrich (1995)
Waltz into Darkness. (First published in 1947) Penguin
Middle-aged Louis Durand, whose fiance died 15 years ago, decides to take one more chance on love and marry a woman he knows only through correspondence. When she arrives, she's younger and more beautiful that he had expected - and far more deadly. A classical novel noire (French movie by Trancois Truffault). More...
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Minette Walters! Minette Walters (1993)
The Ice House St. Martin's Paperbacks
Walters' debut starts with a mysterious disappearance: Ten years ago, Phoebe's husband David vanished without a trace after his wife caught him in bed with their daughter Jane. When a male corpse is discovered in an Icehouse of the estate, the police suspect Phoebe and her two best friends. The investigation threatens to ruin the lives of the three women. More...

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