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Ken Follett! Ken Follett (1990)
The Pillars of the Earth. Signet
This story of intrigue, power, revenge and betrayal chronicles the ups and downs in the life of a prior, his master builder, and their community as they struggle to build a Gothic cathedral in 12th century England. It is a time of tumultuous political and social change. Follett weaves human brutality, steamy sex scenes, deep religious faith, agony and glorious success into his epic historical novel. More...
Ken Follett (Narrator: John Lee).! Ken Follett (Narrator: John Lee). (2007)
Fall of Giants. [Audio Book - Unabridged] Penguin Audiobooks
The first novel in Follett's Century Trilogy follows the fates of five families through the world-shaking dramas of the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the struggle for women's suffrage. One of the best Audio Book I have heard so far! Get the unabridged version for a long car trip! More...
Ken Follett (Narrator: John Lee)! Ken Follett (Narrator: John Lee) (2007)
World Without End. [Audio Book - Unabridged] Penguin Audiobooks
Sequel to The Pillars of the Earth. Masterful historical novel! Get the unabridged Audio Book for long flights or car trips! More...
John Le Carré! John Le Carré (2005)
The Spy Who Came in From the Cold. Walker & Company
In Le Carré's first masterpiece Alec Leamas, a British agent in early Cold War Berlin, is responsible for keeping the double agents under his care undercover and alive. When the East Germans start killing them, Leamas is sent deep into Communist territory to find out why. But nothing is quite what it seems. "The finest spy story ever written" (Graham Green). More...
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Josephine Tey! Josephine Tey (1995)
Daughter of Time. (First published in 1951) Touchstone
While convalescing in a hospital bed, Scotland Yard Inspector Alan Grant sees the portrait of Richard III. As he contemplates Shakespeare's depiction of the king as a bloodthirsty monster, who has murdered his two nephews, Grant has second thoughts. The detective begins to digs into historical documents - with surprising results. Has acquired cult status among thriller fans. More...
Sara Paretsky! Sara Paretsky (2013)
Critical Mass (A V.I. Warshawski Novel). Putnam Adult
Judy, the drug-addicted daughter of Kitty Binder, calls Lotty Herschel for help and then disappears. Kitty, a Holocaust survivor whom Lotty knew in wartime Vienna, seems uninterested in finding her daughter, but she hires Vic Warshawski to locate her grandson. Now Vic has to solve two missing person cases. Heartbraking! More...
Stef Penney! Stef Penney (2008)
The Tenderness of Wolves: A Novel. Simon & Schuster
Stef Penney's haunting debut casts the frigid isolation of Scottish immigrants living on the late 19th-century Canadian frontier. In this harsh, unforgiving environment a seventeen-year old boy disappears the same day his mother discovers the scalped body of his friend. The gripping story reveals a complex web of human desires, motivations, and relationships. More...
Caleb Carr! Caleb Carr (2006)
The Alienist. Random House
Set in 1896, Carr's novel about a serial killer lose in New York City this unusual book is one of the classics of psychological crime fiction. More...

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