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Michael Swiger! Michael Swiger (2009)
Lethal Ambition: A Novel (An Edward Mead Legal Thriller) OakTara
Biblical Christianty meets murder mystery in a legal thriller. More...
Susanna Gregory! Susanna Gregory (2008)
The Devil's Disciples (Matthew Bartholomew Chronicles). Little, Brown Book Group
Ten years after the Black Death, rumors of a new plague threaten Cambridge again. In an atmosphere of chaos and student unrest a murder might be just another unexplained death, where it not for Matthew Bartholomew who solves the mystery. If you can stomach the grueling reality of a medieval English town this book is for you. More...
C.S. Harris! C.S. Harris (2008)
Where Serpents Sleep: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery. NAL Hardcover
Set in 1812 London, the brutal murder of eight young prostitutes in a house of refuge is investigated by gentlemen-sleuth St. Cyr. The amateur detective follows a trail of clues leading from the seedy brothels and docksides of Londonís East End to the Mayfair mansions of a noble family. Superb characterization of early 19th century London, believable characters and a complex plot. More...
Boris Akunin! Boris Akunin (2006)
Pelagia And The White Bulldog: The First Sister Pelagia Mystery. ORNUK
Unlike Akunin's Erast Fandorin series, this book features nun Pelagia solving crimes in rural Czarist Russia. Her investigation of the initial crime, the killing of white bulldogs, is just the first step into the labyrinth of this story. More...
Boris Akunin! Boris Akunin (2005)
Murder on the Leviathan. Random House
19th-century Russian sleuth Erast Fandorin investigates undercover on the luxurious steamship Leviathan en route to India from England in 1878. While the setting may be conventional Agatha Christie style (all suspects gathered in a secluded place), there is nothing conventional about Akunin's characters, which all have their own history, style and voice. More...
Boris Akunin! Boris Akunin (2005)
The Turkish Gambit. Random House
In the chaos of a military conflict between Czarist Russia and the Ottoman Empire Special Agent Fandorin investigates a suspicious colonel in Bucharest. Don't read this book if you like straight plots! The Turkish Gambit contains everything - from politics in 1877 to suffragettes, harems, courtesans, deadly duels, suicides, combat action, numerous quirky characters and a dramatic climax. More...
Alys Clare! Alys Clare (2005)
Whiter Than the Lily. (Hawkenlye Mystery Series) Hodder & Stoughton
This novel is set in the 12th century, the time of Richard the Lionheart. It features Abbess Helewise of Hawkenlye Abbey, who tries to protect her sisters from a terrible suspicion. More...
Laura Joh Rowland! Laura Joh Rowland (2005)
The Assassin's Touch. St. Martin's Minotaur
The 10th book in the Sano Ichiro mystery series set in 17th century Japan, the hero, now the shogun's chamberlain and second-in-command, returns to his previous role of criminal investigator when the country's top spy, Ejima Senzaemon, drops dead during a horse race. Historical thriller with suspenseful plot, political complications and martial arts. More...

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