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Fred Vargas! Fred Vargas (2006)
The Three Evangelists. Harvill Secker
In Fred Vargas' novel you won't find tough detectives or blood-dripping crime scenes. The Three Evangelists, and amateur sleuths, are: Marc, known as Saint-Mark (cleaning lady by day, medievalist by night); Lucien, known as Saint-Luke (historian specializing in the Great War), and Matthias, known as Saint-Matthew (historian specializing in prehistory). Hilariously thrilling. More...
Maj Sjowall / Per Wahloo! Maj Sjowall / Per Wahloo (1992)
The Locked Room. Vintage
Smart, well trained and tough policemen, who competently investigate crime scenes may be the personnel of CSI TV series. In this crime novel the police force is understaffed, incompetent and poorly motivated. Their investigation of a series of bank burglaries ends in a pathetic disaster, typical for the social condition in Sweden during the late 1960s. More...
Janet Evanovich! Janet Evanovich (2014)
Top Secret Twenty-One: A Stephanie Plum Novel. Bantam
The usual mix of slapstick, steam and suspense. Easy, but entertaining read for the beach. More...
Janet Evanovich! Janet Evanovich (2012)
Notorious Nineteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel. Bantam Books
Another episode of hilarious adventures for Stephanie Plum. Evanovich is giving her readers another few hours of fun entertainment. More...
John Grisham! John Grisham (2013)
Sycamore Row. Doubleday
Courtroom thriller with lots of legal shenanigans, convoluted plot and a whole menagerie of characters. Not really new - but solid (serial) entertainment. More...
Gary Neece! Gary Neece (2011)
Cold Blue. 212Press; 1st Edition edition
Authentic police procedural written by a eighteen-year veteran of the Police Department in Tulsa, Oklahoma. More...

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