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Joseph Wambaugh! Joseph Wambaugh (2008)
The New Centurions. Grand Central Publishing
Ex-cop turned bestselling writer Joseph Wambaugh portrays American cops as hard-drinking, skirt-chasing, foul-mouthed, and cynical. Wambough follows a class of new police recruits through their trials, triumphs and personal failures. More...
Helen Fitzgerald! Helen Fitzgerald (2011)
Bloody Women. Birlinn Ltd
A new talent from Australia - writing in the edgier corner of the crime fiction scene. Glorious black comedy. A real women's novel noir: Funny, moving, horryfying. Authentic plot located in Edinburg, Scotland and Italy. More...
Mick Herron! Mick Herron (2010)
Slow Horses. Soho Constable
Slow Horses are spooks who have screwed up in a big way. They are retired to the Slough House. River Cartwright, the protagonist of this hillarious spy thriller-farce, wants to be the first Slow Horse to force his own resurrection to MI5. (10 wonderfully funny hours on the audio book) More...
Michael Chabon! Michael Chabon (2007)
The Yiddish Policemen's Union: A Novel. HarperCollins
The "Frozen Chosen" are living in a fictitious Alaskan homeland, as once suggested by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Hard-drinking cop Meyer Landsman investigates the murder of his neighbor. Publishers Weekly called it a "murder-mystery speculative-history Jewish-identity noir chess thriller". The funniest novel of 2007 is filled with Yiddish jokes and dark humor. More...
Dennis Lehane! Dennis Lehane (2010)
Prayers for Rain. Harper; Reprint edition
Private investigators Patrick Kenzie, Angela Gennaro and their gun-toting friend Bubba Rogowski investigate the death of a former client. More...
Scott Phillips! Scott Phillips (2001)
The Ice Harvest. Ballantine Books
Charlie Arglista, a crooked lawyer, is marking time before an important meeting with his shady partner, Vic Cavanaugh. The plot involves organized crime, strippers, grumpy bouncers, a serious snowstorm, and a hero with a profound drinking problem in a frigid Wichita, Kansas setting. More...

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