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Bill James! Bill James (2007)
Wolves of Memory. Foul Play Press
Asst. Chief Constable Desmond Iles and Detective Chief Superintendet Colin Harpur are a strange couple investigating one of London's organized crime families. With his acid humor, Iles will make you lough your head off, if you are not horrified by the savage tale. More...
Colin Watson! Colin Watson (1991)
The Naked Nuns. Mandarin
Inspector Purbright receives a strange cable - stating that "TWO NAKED NUNS AVAILABLE PHILADELPHIA". Featuring white slave traffic and international crime, this novel is one of Watson's best. His Inspector Purbright is the most intellectually dazzling detective in fiction and Watson's dry wit is unique among English crime fiction writers. More...
Joseph Wambaugh! Joseph Wambaugh (2010)
Hollywood Hills: A Novel. Little, Brown and Company
Wambaugh mixes the hillariously funny and the sad and thoughtful in a unique way. A combination of freak show and serious police work. More...
Janet Evanovich! Janet Evanovich (2011)
Smokin' Seventeen: A Stephanie Plum Novel. Bantam
If you can stand the idiotic plot and the stereotypes you may like it as light summer reading. Mildy funny. More...
Lee Goldberg! Lee Goldberg (2011)
Watch Me Die. Adventures in Television
Slightly idiotic security guard, turned super hero, is hired by a man to follow his wife and stumbles into a blackmail scheme. Decent story for the commuter train with lots of violence and sex. More...
Carl Hiaasen! Carl Hiaasen (2005)
Tourist Season. Grand Central Publishing
The president of the Miami Chamber of Commerce is found dead inside a suitcase, with his legs sawn off and a rubber alligator stuffed down his throat. Letters from a terrorist group link the death to recent disappearances. Hiaasen's rage against destructive big business and endemic corruption is laced with dark humor. More...

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