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Agatha Christie! Agatha Christie (2001)
And Then There Were None: A Novel. (First published in 1939) St. Martin's Paperbacks
Agatha Christie's version of the nursery rhyme is often considered the best mystery novel ever written. 10 strangers are trapped in an Indian island, where the sinister Mr. Owen is accusing them of murder. One by one is found dead, until ... (the resolution of the novel is very different from that of the movie versions). More...
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P. D. James! P. D. James (2001)
The Black Tower. (First published in 1975) Touchstone
James' deeply bleak novel is set in an isolated home for patients with a fatal muscular disease. The home's elderly chaplain invites Adam Dalgliesh asking for help. But when Dalgliesh arrives, the chaplain has died. As Commander Danlgliesh begins to investigate, more murder victims keep piling up. More...
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Edgar Wallace! Edgar Wallace (2001)
Dark Eyes Of London. (First published in 1924) House of Stratus
Inspector Holt and his valet Sunny are relaxing in Monte Carlo when they are called back to Scotland Yard. Mr. Gordon Stuart has been found drowned in suspicious circumstances. The investigation leads Holt into a string of exciting adventures and romance. From the creator of King Kong. More...
P. D. James! P. D. James (2001)
Death of an Expert Witness. Touchstone
This Adam Dalgliesh mystery is set in rural England, where forensic specialist Dr. Lorrimer is found murdered in his police laboratory. The unpleasant man had many enemies among his subordinates. In this classical murder novel P.D. James combines vivid characters with an intelligent plot. More...
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Agatha Christie! Agatha Christie (2000)
Hercule Poirot's Christmas. (First published in 1938) Berkley
In Christie's complex plot a happy family meeting turns into a nightmare as the family's wealthy patriarch is found murdered in his closed bedroom. There are plenty of suspects, but most puzzling is the question how the man could be murdered in a closed room. You will keep on tormenting your brain, until Hercule Poirot solves the mystery. More...
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Ngaio Marsh! Ngaio Marsh (1999)
Vintage Murder. (First published 1936) St. Martin's Minotaur
This classical British murder mystery features Inspector Roderick Alleyn of Scotland Yard on vacation in New Zealand. Alleyn travels by train together with Carolyn Dacres, celebrated actress, and her theatrical company. When an after-performance celebration of the actors turns deadly the local small-town police is glad to have Inspector Alleyn at their help. More...

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