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P. D. James! P. D. James (1998)
A Taste of Death. (First published in 1986) Ballantine Books
In this exquisitely crafted story two bodies are discovered with their throats slashed in a London church. Commander Dalgliesh is tracking down the leads. In her Adam Dalgliesh detective novels, P. D. James subtly develops complex characters that seem to have a true life of their own. More...
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Dorothy L. Sayers! Dorothy L. Sayers (1995)
Gaudy Nights. (First published in 1935) HarperTorch
This Lord Peter Wimsey mystery unfolds at the all-female Shrewsbury College at Oxford. Harriet Vane, mystery writer and alumna of the College, comes back for the annual Gaudy night, where she receives a note full of hatred. Some time later she is called back by the Dean because the unpleasant events have intensified. Academic life, mixed with vitriolic hate. More...
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Robert van Gulik! Robert van Gulik (1994)
The Emperor's Pearl: A Judge Dee Mystery. University Of Chicago Press
In China's Tang Dynasty (7th century) Dee Jen-Djieh was a famous magistrate and inquisitor. Van Gulik's classical crime novels are often based on actual cases of the historical figure. In this novel detective Judge Dee investigates two deaths in Poo-yang. Gulik's story of greed, passion, fear and lust vividly portrays life in ancient China. More...

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