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Dashiell Hammett! Dashiell Hammett (1989)
The Maltese Falcon. (Reprint Ed.) Vintage
Archetypal tough guy, detective Sam Spade, risks his reputation by trying to help a beautiful young lady. As his partner gets killed Spade is suspected for murder. The story is a complex web of betrayal and deception, in which everyone tries to get the gold statuette of a falcon. Sam's masculine strength is refreshing in today's world of male insecurity. Also an excellent movie with Humphrey Bogart - but the book is better. More...
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Dennis Lehane! Dennis Lehane (2010)
Gone, Baby, Gone: A Novel. William Morrow Paperbacks; Reissue edition.
Private detectives Kenzie and Gennaro have gone to visit drug dealer Cheese in prison because they think he's involved in the kidnapping of 4-year-old Amanda McCready. In this absolutely gripping story Lehane delves again into Boston's crime underworld. More...
Ross Macdonald! Ross Macdonald (1996)
The Drowning Pool. (First published in 1950) Vintage
Hard-boiled novel noir filled with sex, blackmail, deceit and murder. This is the second novel in Macdonalds Lew Archer series. Complex plot, combined with psychological depth, in economic prose. More...
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James M. Cain! James M. Cain (1989)
The Postman Always Rings Twice. (Reprint Ed.) Vintage
In 1934, Cain started a new genre: American noir fiction. It may be full of despair, sweltering greed, dark violence and raw sex, but the no-nonsense description of humanity heading towards destruction is impossible to resist. In his laconic style Cain tells the story of Frank, a tramp, who his attracted to Cora, the young wife of brutally violent Nick. When Frank and Cora start an affair behind her older man's back, the story is heading for disaster. More...
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Georges Simenon! Georges Simenon (2008)
The Widow NYRB Classics
If I hadn't read Ticket of Leave (The Widow), I couldn't have written The Stranger (Albert Camus). A psychological masterpiece! Nasty and brutal. More...
Jussi Adler-Olsen! Jussi Adler-Olsen (2012)
The Absent One. Dutton Adult
This mixture of Nordic noir and shrewd humour is certainly less depressing and more quirky than some of the other Scandinavian thrillers. A relentless ride of twisty puzzles! More...

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