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Lee Child! Lee Child (2006)
Killing Floor (Jack Reacher Series, No. 1) Jove Reprint Edition
Child's ex-military policeman, Jack Reacher, finds himself arrested for murder in the tiny town of Margrave, Georgia. But soon he is out and hunting down a gang of vicious criminals who have spun a network of conspiracy to cover up their scheme of counterfeiting. Child's brisk dialogs, economic prose, three-dimensional characters and fast pace make a terrific read. More...
Dennis Lehane! Dennis Lehane (2013)
Live by Night: A Novel.
This is the second in a planned trilogy of stories exploring the early part of the 20th century. Joe Coughlin, a cop's son turned mobster, starts his career as petty criminal in Boston. During prohibition he rises to rule a criminal empire in Tampa. Masterful historical fiction, but lacking the thrill-level of "Mystic River" or "Gone Baby Gone". More...
Hakan Nesser! Hakan Nesser (2012)
Münster's Case: An Inspector Van Veeteren Mystery. Pantheon
In this slowly, grim, and haunting plot four retirees win equal shares of a lottery prize. Essential for readers of Nordic Noir. More...
Henning Mankell! Henning Mankell (2007)
The Man Who Smiled. Vintage
Kurt Wallander of the Ystad Police Force reluctantly investigates the death of an aging attorney on a desolate road, initially considered an accident. Depressed and in danger of becoming an alcoholic, Walander, stoically battles through the complexities of the crime and his own life. A realistic alternative to the smooth action thrillers, this dark tale slowly turns into a horrific nightmare. More...
Georges Simenon! Georges Simenon (2006)
The Strangers in the House. New York Review Books Classics
Hector Loursat has been a hermit in his own house ever since his wife abandoned him years ago. Only when a gunshot raises him from his alcohol-induced stupor he takes notice of his teenage daughter and her dangerous friends living in his house. Simenon's dispassionate masterpiece is a philosophically profound examination of emotional decay and resurrection. More...
Georges Simenon! Georges Simenon (2003)
Dirty Snow. (First published in 1950) NYRB Classics; Rep Sub edition
Set in occupied France during WWII, Simenon's bleak masterpiece is a dispassionate description of human cruelty. No other writer has achieved the psychological intensity of Simenon. “What many regard as the finest of all noir novels…"--Tim Rutten, The Los Angeles Times More...

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