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Robert Rosenberg! Robert Rosenberg (2001)
Crimes of the City. Poisoned Pen Press
Avram Cohen, policemen in Jerusalem, investigates a series of brutal crimes. Rosenberg's razor-sharp portray of life in Israel could be from a political correspondent, but the finely drawn characters of his action-packed story display the psychological insight of a novelist. More...
Leonardo Padura Fuentes! Leonardo Padura Fuentes (2006)
Adios Hemingway. Canongate U.S.; Tra edition
Retired Inspector Mario Conde is obsessed with Hemingway. When a dead body is discovered on Hemingway's property (Finca Vigia) in Cuba, Conde is reluctantly taking the case. During his investigation he visits all the places that bring to life Hemingway's time in Cuba during the last days of the Batista era. More...
Tom Clancy! Tom Clancy (1992)
The Hunt for Red October (Jack Ryan Series). Berkley
Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet submarine commander has made a fateful decision: the Red October is heading west. This trademark military thriller has launched Tom Clancy's phenomenal career. More...
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Matt B. Rees! Matt B. Rees (2007)
The Collaborator of Bethlehem. Soho Crime; First Edition.
Omar Yussef, a modest 56-year-old schoolteacher in the Dehaisha Palestinian refugee camp, becomes an unlikely detective amid the violence of modern Bethlehem. Former Time magazine's Jerusalem bureau chief Matt Rees unfolds his plot with tragic inevitability. More...




Eliot Pattison!

Eliot Pattison (2001)
The Skull Mantra. (Inspector Shan Tao Yun) St. Martin's Paperbacks
Disgraced Beijing police inspector, Shan Tao Yun, investigates the killing of a local official, while suffering political punishment as a laborer on a road crew called the People's 404th Construction Brigade high in the Himalayas. A top-notch thriller and a substantive look at Tibet under siege. More...

Carl Hiaasen!

Carl Hiaasen (2005)
Tourist Season. Grand Central Publishing
The president of the Miami Chamber of Commerce is found dead inside a suitcase, with his legs sawn off and a rubber alligator stuffed down his throat. Letters from a terrorist group link the death to recent disappearances. Hiaasen's rage against destructive big business and endemic corruption is laced with dark humor. More...


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