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Collins, Wilkie! Collins, Wilkie (2008)
The Woman in White. (First published 1859) Oxford University Press
This upper-class Victorian love story is certainly one of the greatest literary thrillers. For slow, delicious reading. More...
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Daphne Du Maurier! Daphne Du Maurier (1997)
Rebecca. (First published in 1938) Harper Paperbacks
The narrator, a young and shy woman, meets wealthy widow, Maxim de Winter, and falls in love with him. On his grand English estate, Manderley, she is immediately haunted by the powerful presence of the former mistress of Manderley, Maxim's flamboyant late wife Rebecca. This story of emotional horror and evil is classic masterpiece. More...
Suzanne Arruda! Suzanne Arruda (2007)
Stalking Ivory. NAL Hardcover
In this Jade del Cameron adventure, the heroine travels to British East Africa to photograph and write about Elephants. When she discovers the corpses of four elevants and a dead soldier who apparently tried to stop the poachers, Jade sets out to hunt down the killers. More...
Suzanne Arruda! Suzanne Arruda (2006)
Mark of the Lion. Amazon Remainders Account
In 1919, Arruda introduced American heroine Jade del Cameron, an ambulance driver in WWI. Jade is searching for the missing brother of her former lover in Kenya among the country's colonial elite. During her explorations she learns Swahili, hunts wild animals, travels to the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro and falls in love with a man twice her age. Arruda captures the atmosphere of the period More...




Davis Bunn!

Davis Bunn (2008)
All Through the Night. Bethany House
Trained special ops soldier with an amazing mind for accounting (!) settles in a retirement community to help them recover from a scam. Monumental nonsense - but if you like sanitized romance and lots of praying it my be a book for you. More...

Kerry Greenwood!

Kerry Greenwood (2007)
Cocaine Blues. Poisoned Pen Press
Pyryne Fisher, a 1920s female sleuth investigates a poisoning incident and the Melbourne drug trade. More...


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