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Nora Roberts! Nora Roberts (2007)
Blood Brothers. [Large Print] Large Print Press
Every seven years, on the seventh day of the seventh month, strange things happen in the town of Hawkins Hollow. Paranormal fiction with a romantic touch. More...
Kerry Greenwood! Kerry Greenwood (2006)
Murder on the Ballarat Train. Poisoned Pen Press
In the third book of the Phryne Fisher mystery series, the heroine investigates the murder of an elderly woman in a train and rescues a young girl who has lost her memory. Funny. More...
Lucy Monroe! Lucy Monroe (2005)
Ready. Brava
Lise, a writer living alone in Seattle, is being stalked. Joshua Watt, a former Army Ranger, who has met Lise when she was still in Texas, will not allow some creep terrorize an innocent woman. As Joshua tries to protect Lise, they are powerfully attracted and drawn to each other. More...
Christy Tillery French! Christy Tillery French (2004)
The Bodyguard. Mystery and Suspense Press
In this gritty action-romance, French portrays Natasha (Nattie) Chamberlain, a quick minded and gutsy bodyguard. Blind to danger she successfully runs an Investigative Service in Knoxville Tennessee. When she is hired to guard Roger Valentine, a strange billionaire, not only romantic sparks begin to fly. More...




Victoria Taylor Murray!

Victoria Taylor Murray (2001)
Thief of Hearts PublishAmerica
What you like in a fine romance novel: The beautiful and rich, murder, humor, suspense, and betrayal. Thief Of Hearts is the first book in Murray's Lambert series of romantic crime novels, which also include Forbidden, Friendly Enemies, and Le Fin. More...

Dorothy Gilman!

Dorothy Gilman (1985)
Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station. Fawcett
Suburban grandmother, Mrs. Pollifax, working for the CIA in communist China. The sweet little lady rescues a prisoner from a labor camp. If you like strange stories - this is for you! More...


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