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James Patterson! James Patterson (2007)
Cross. (Alex Cross Series) Grand Central Publishing
Patterson's trademark is pace. His horrendously violent crime fiction is so fast, that you have finished the book before you even realize that the serial killer, aka butcher of Sligo, is just a little too monstrous and the forensic psychologist Cross just a little too brave and competent. More...
James Patterson! James Patterson (2007)
Double Cross. (Alex Cross Series) Little, Brown and Company
Investigator-psychologist with family life and new girl friend is hunting two serial killers and his old arch enemy Kyle Craig. Not much depth, but lightning fast. Full of stereotypes. More...
Henning Mankell! Henning Mankell (2004)
The Fifth Woman. Vintage
In one of the best thrillers of the Kurt Wallander series the Swedish detective is trying to cope with the death of his father, while he struggles to make sense of a series of seemingly unrelated, brutal killings in southern Sweden. He uncovers the ties that bind these murders to killings in Algeria, many years ago. More...
Simon Becket! Simon Becket (2007)
The Chemistry of Death. Dell
Dr. David Hunter, a successful, but retired, forensic anthropologist reluctantly investigates a series of killings in the quiet village of Manham. More...
Ann Rule! Ann Rule (2001)
The Stranger Beside Me. Signet
Ted Bundy, a most violent sociopath, murderer, and mutilator of women, is the subject of this true-crime book. Ann Rule's chilling account, from the time she unsuspectingly met and worked with the savage slayer to the moment of his death by electrocution in Florida, is one of the greatest books in the true crime genre. More...
Erik Larson! Erik Larson (2004)
The Devil in the White City
During the 1893 Chicago World's Fair H.H. Holmes, a charming doctor, killed somewhere between 27 and 200 people, mostly single young women. The gruesome serial killer actually built a hotel and crematorium to get rid of the corpses. Larson's breathtaking account of these historical events reads like crime fiction. More...
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