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Michael Newton! Michael Newton (2000)
The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers. Checkmark Books
This exhaustive overview of the most macabre and fascinating branch of crime may have some conceptual flaws (confusing definition of serial killings) and sometimes comes dangerously close to glorifying the hideous personalities of the criminals; but it is the most complete documentation on the market. More...
William J. Coughlin! William J. Coughlin (2003)
Judgement. St. Martin's Paperbacks
Charlie Sloan, troubled ex-alcoholic and first-class lawyer defends a Detroit deputy policy chief, who is charged with stealing $1 million. There is also the somewhat unrelated story of a serial killer of children. (Published posthumously) More...
Pat Brown! Pat Brown (2003)
Killing for Sport: Inside the Minds of Serial Killers. New Millennium Press
Pat Brown provides blunt insights into the minds of serial killers without the usual psychobabble. Her book tries to destroy some of the popular stereotypes promulgated by movies such as Silence of the Lambs. Serial killers are often not eccentric psychopaths, smart enough to get away with murder, but the dim-wits next door. More...
Val McDermid! Val McDermid (2005)
The Torment of Others St. Martin's Minotaur
An apparent copycat serial killer is murdering prostitutes in London, exactly like Derek Tyler, who was put behind bars in a mental hospital a few years ago. But criminal psychologist Dr. Tony Hill and his police colleague, DCI Carol Jordan, are convinced that Tyler himself is behind the killings even if he is safely locked away. A tough psycho-thriller. More...
John Douglas / Mark Olshaker! John Douglas / Mark Olshaker (2000)
The Anatomy of Motive. Pocket
Former FBI profiler John Douglas and coauthor Mark Olshaker have explored the criminal minds of serial killers, their twisted kind of thinking, their urge to hurt, dominate and control. While these journeys into paranoid minds may help to solve some of the horrible crimes, they certainly cannot explain them. Not all frustrated losers, control freaks or psychopaths are killing people. More...
David McGowan! David McGowan (2004)
Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder. iUniverse
The author denounces the image of serial killers as psychopathic loners to be a media fabrication. He suggests that many cases of child pornography, serial murder, and pedophilia are linked to secret organizations, which would shield the criminals from prosecution. The author also argues that Intelligence agencies (CIA) use these crimes to compromise prominent targets. Your typical conspiracy theories. More...



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