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Tom Clancy! Tom Clancy (2002)
The Sum of All Fears. Berkley
The trademark of Tom Clancy's series of Jack Ryan action thrillers is the accurate description of military hardware and procedure. But there is more than a dramatic story line and nail-biting tension: Clancy has a deep understanding of international political conflicts and he is able to realistically paint fundamental human responses to extreme danger and unbearable pressure. More...
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John Le Carré! John Le Carré (2004)
Absolute Friends. Little, Brown;
LeCarré is mad about what he sees as a fraudulent and unnecessary war in Iraq. The hero in his up-to-date novel, Ted Mundy, is an idealistic out-of-business spy from the Cold War era. He is hired by a mysterious benefactor to counter the widespread propaganda on behalf of an Iraqi war. Even if you don't like LeCarré's political slant, his writing is first class. More...
Daniel Silva! Daniel Silva (2013)
The English Girl: A Novel. Harper
A beautiful woman (they are never-ever ugly) is snatched from her vacation on Corsica and an unfaithful British prime minister is blackmailed. Art restorer and Israeli spy, Gabriel Allon, sets out to fix the problem. If you are not put off by the stereotypes you may enjoy this pretty good spy thriller. More...
Gerald Seymour! Gerald Seymour (2001)
A Line in the Sand. Pocket
Well-plotted spy thriller in which a seemingly ordinary man with an extraordinary past, fights against an Iranian assassin, the British secret service, and friends and neighbors in the small Suffolk village. More...
Robert Ludlum! Robert Ludlum (1984)
The Chancellor Manuscript Bantam
This is one of Ludlum's earlier works. As the New York Times Book Review said, it "exerts a riveting appeal, as it seems to justify our worst nightmares of what really goes on in the so-called intelligence community in Washington." More...
John Buchan! John Buchan (1994)
The Four Adventures of Richard Hannay: The Thirty-Nine Steps / Greenmantle / Mr. Standfast / The Three Hostages. David R. Godine (Publisher)
From the father of spy fiction, who was, as recently revealed, the head of the British domestic intelligence agency, MI-5. First published in 1915, the Thirty-Nine Steps is the story of an ordinary fellow who gets caught up in a dramatic and dangerous plot. The book was made into a popular thriller by Alfred Hitchcock. More...
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Richard Condon! Richard Condon (2003)
The Manchurian Candidate. (Reprint Ed.) Four Walls Eight Windows
In Condon's 1959 Cold War thriller Sgt. Raymond Shaw is brainwashed during his captivity in North Korea. He returns to America programmed to assassinate a U.S. presidential nominee. The 1962 movie with Laurence Harvey and Frank Sinatra is considered one of the 100 top thriller movies of all times. More...
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Mick Herron! Mick Herron (2010)
Slow Horses. Soho Constable
Slow Horses are spooks who have screwed up in a big way. They are retired to the Slough House. River Cartwright, the protagonist of this hillarious spy thriller-farce, wants to be the first Slow Horse to force his own resurrection to MI5. (10 wonderfully funny hours on the audio book) More...

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