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Charles McCarry! Charles McCarry (2005)
The Miernik Dossier. (First published in 1973) Overlook Hardcover
McCarry, who worked for the CIA before his literary career is probably the best American spy novelist - in the same league as John LeCarre. More...
William Goldman! William Goldman (2001)
Marathon Man. Ballantine Books
An epic, fast-paced thriller with just enough humor to prevent you from getting overwhelmed by the violence, evil and sadism. Made into a movie with Dustin Hoffman. More...
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Daniel Silva! Daniel Silva (2005)
A Death in Vienna. Signet
This superb spy thriller deals with the unfinished business of the Holocaust. Undercover Mossad agent Gabriel Allon hunts down the infamous and still deadly Erich Radek, who lives quitely in Vienna. More...
Daniel Silva! Daniel Silva (2003)
The English Assassin. Signet
Silva, a former CNN correspondent, has created an crisp spy thriller in which a Mossad agent gets entangled in Switzerland's secretive power structure and has to fight for his life. More...
Robert Ludlum! Robert Ludlum (2005)
The Bourne Identity. Orion
Ludlum's most famous character, Jason Bourne, is dragged from the sea. His identity is unknown, his body is peppered with bullets and his face altered by plastic surgery. He is running for his life, targeted by professional assassins. No other writer comes even close to Ludlum's kaleidoscope of puzzles within puzzles. More...
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Eric Ambler! Eric Ambler (2002)
Journey Into Fear. Vintage
Mr. Graham, a naval ordnance engineer for an English armament manufacturer is assisting Turkey during WWII to modernize their navy, when he finds himself the object of an assassination plot headed up by a German agent named Moeller. Graham, an ordinary fellow, outwitts the professional killers. More...
Robert Baer! Robert Baer (2006)
Blow the House Down. Crown
Closely observed details of intelligence work. Not bad. More...
Alex Berenson! Alex Berenson (2013)
The Night Ranger (A John Wells Novel) Putnam Adult
A carefully-researched and meticulously plotted fast-paced spy novel. A bit fluffy, but still a page-turner. More...

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