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Christopher Reich! Christopher Reich (2009)
Rules of Deception. Anchor
A surgeon for "Doctors without Borders" is climbing in the Swiss Alps with his wife, when she falls into a crevasse and dies. During the next few days he finds himself being hunted by the Swiss police and a mysterious assassin. Apparently, his wife had been leading a double life in the shady world of espionage. The "good doctor" quickly turns himself into a "tough operative". What nonsense! More...
Robert Ludlum! Robert Ludlum (2007)
The Scarlatti Inheritance. Bantam
The mother-son drama at the time of Nazi Germany is Ludlum's first thriller. More...
Robert Ludlum! Robert Ludlum (2001)
The Prometheus Deception. St. Martin's Paperbacks
The book is about an agent named Nick Bryson, alias Jonas Barett, alias Jonathan Coleridge, alias The Technician. He works for an ultra-clandestine agency known only as the Directorate. Bryson is thrown into a fight between an organization he knows as Prometheus and his former employers at the Directorate. Hair-raising episodes, latest spy gadgetry, and, of course, a brain-knotting plot. More...
W.E.B. Griffin! W.E.B. Griffin (2006)
The Hostage. Putnam Adult
Charley Castillo, Griffin's smart and efficient Department of Homeland Security agent, has to deal with an American diplomat's murder in Argentina and the kidnapping of his wife. Told with remarkable military knowledge, the plot soon turns into a spy and intelligence story, including the Iraqi - UN food-for-oil scandal. More...
Alex Berenson! Alex Berenson (2006)
The Faithful Spy.
CIA agent John Wells has penetrated the upper levels of al-Qaeda. As Jalal he is sent back to the US on a terror mission by bin Laden's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Wells, who has become a Muslim, but has remained loyal to America, is now suspected by his CIA bosses to be a double agent. As two bombs explode in L.A. suspicion is rising. A timely story. More...
Vince Flynn! Vince Flynn (2005)
Consent to Kill. Atria
A Saudi billionaire, father of a dead terrorist, is behind a conspiracy to eliminate CIA assassin Mitch Rapp. Hampered by a knee operation and other problems, Mitch has to battle terrorists and paid assassins to save his life, which would be easier, if the new national director of intelligence would not be such a hypocritical coward. More...
Lisa See! Lisa See (1997)
Flower Net. Harpercollins
Inspector Liu Hulan, a privileged daughter of one of Chairman Mao's aides, investigates the death of the American ambassador's son as well as that of a wealthy Chinese businessman. This brings her to California, where she teams up with Assistant U.S. Attorney David Stark. The cultural contrast gives the story a background beyond the usual espionage thriller. More...
Dorothy Gilman! Dorothy Gilman (1985)
Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station. Fawcett
Suburban grandmother, Mrs. Pollifax, working for the CIA in communist China. The sweet little lady rescues a prisoner from a labor camp. If you like strange stories - this is for you! More...

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