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Gordon Burn! Gordon Burn (1999)
Happy Like Murderers. Faber and Faber
Fred and Rose West got away with cold blooded and totally calculated murder for years. Burns' horror story turns your stomach when you remember that he just reports what actually happened. More...
Nicholas Pileggi! Nicholas Pileggi (1990)
Wiseguy. Life in a Mafia Family. Pocket
This book portrays the life of Henry Hill, a street-level hoodlum from the Brooklyn branch of the Luchese crime family. Unlike literary fiction of mobster life, this true story is about the gruesome violence at the operational level. After 30 years of car theft, hijacking, credit card scams, smuggling, and a $6-million heist, Henry Hill entered the Federal Witness Protection Program, helping to convict some of his fellow thugs. Martin Scorsese used the material for his film Goodfellas. More...
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David V. Canter! David V. Canter (2000)
Criminal Shadows. Inner Narratives of Evil. Authorlink
David Canter, Professor of Psychology at the University of Liverpool, England and former FBI forensic psychologist explains how to construct profiles of serial rapists and killers. Scholarly! More...
James B. Stewart! James B. Stewart (1999)
Blind Eye: How the Medical Establishment Let a Doctor Get Away with Murder. Simon & Schuster
Don't read that book when you are sick in a hospital bed! Pulitzer-prize winner James B. Stewart describes the career of Dr. Michael Swango, a handsome physician, who may have poisoned at least 35 of his patients. (Dr. Swango was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences for murdering four of his patients.) More...




Douglas Preston!

Douglas Preston (2008)
The Monster of Florence. Grand Central Publishing
Preston and Italian crime reporter Spezi seek to uncover the identity of the "Monster of Florence" - a serial killer who stalked lovers in the Italian countryside. In an incredible twist both authors are charged with obstruction of justice. Spezi becomes jailed on suspicion of being the Monster himself by an incompetent police force more concerned with saving face than solving the case. More...

Ann Rule!

Ann Rule (2007)
Smoke, Mirrors, and Murder: And Other True Cases (Ann Rule's Crime Files) Pocket
The difficult cases: Rule's collection of true crime cases that were intractable puzzles, shrouded in smoke and deception. These criminals skillfully tried to evade law enforcement in maddening cat-and-mouse chases. More...




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