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Kevin Weeks / Phyllis Karas! Kevin Weeks / Phyllis Karas (2006)
Brutal: The Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger's Irish Mob. Regan Books
The disgusting hero (and co-author of the book), Phyllis Karas is a macho psychopath with an allegedly near genius IQ of 150. He grew up in the Southie projects of Boston and was the right-hand thug of one of the most notorious mob bosses. If you can stand the brutality it's certainly a fascinating read. More...
Paul LaRosa! Paul LaRosa (2006)
Tacoma Confidential: A True Story of Murder, Suicide, and a Police Chief's Secret Life. Signet
Paul LaRosa tells the true story of Police Chief David Brame of Tacoma, Washington - of his abusive marriage and the resulting deaths. But this is not only a story about a husband, enraged by an impending divorce, killing his wife. It is the story of a sex-obsessed man, who used his power to fulfill his sexual fantasies. More...
Ann Rule! Ann Rule (2005)
Worth More Dead: And Other True Cases. Pocket
Ann Rule's collection of chilling crime displays such a baffling menagerie of twisted minds, psychopathic killers, heartbreaking victims, cops, and prosecutors that fiction writers could directly use them in their plots. It is even more scary when you remember that they are real persons and events. More...
Tina Dirmann! Tina Dirmann (2005)
Such Good Boys: The True Story of a Mother, Two Sons and a Horrifying Murder. St. Martin's Paperbacks
When Jane Bautista was in a bad mood, she would lock up her 20-year old son Jason and beat him up with extreme cruelty. After years of physical and psychological abuse, Jason cracked. He strangled his mother and chopped off her head and hands to destroy evidence, while his younger brother watched TV. More...




Peter Lalor!

Peter Lalor (2005)
Blood Stain. Allen & Unwin
Kathy Knight, grandmother and slaughter house worker in Aberdeen, Australia sliced her partner John Price into pieces and cooked him for a meal. Peter Lalor covered the Knight case for the Daily Telegraph, a top newspaper in Australia. His book is one of the most gruesome true crime stories and not for the faint of heart. More...

Pat Brown!

Pat Brown (2003)
Killing for Sport: Inside the Minds of Serial Killers. New Millennium Press
Pat Brown provides blunt insights into the minds of serial killers without the usual psychobabble. Her book tries to destroy some of the popular stereotypes promulgated by movies such as Silence of the Lambs. Serial killers are often not eccentric psychopaths, smart enough to get away with murder, but the dim-wits next door. More...




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