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L.R. Wright! L.R. Wright (2008)
The Suspect (Karl Alberg Mysteries, No. 1) Felony & Mayhem
The first Canadian novelist to win an Edgar award has crafted a disturbing small-town crime mystery with psychological depth. More...
Thomas H. Cook! Thomas H. Cook (1997)
The Chatham School Affair. Bantam
Elizabeth Channing is teaching art at a small boys' school located in the Cape Cod village of Chatham when she falls in love with a fellow teacher who is unhappily married. The inevitable tragedy ends in a surprise. More...
Derek Raymond! Derek Raymond (2008)
How the Dead Live. Serpent's Tail
Cult writer Derek Raymond's third book in the Factory series is filled with explosive violence and reflections about dying and death. His nameless detective has left London to investigate the disappearance of a doctor's wife in the small village of Thornhill. The structure of the book follows "The Tibetan Book Of The Dead". More...
Andrew Taylor! Andrew Taylor (2003)
The Mortal Sickness. (A Lydmouth Mystery) New English Library Ltd; New Ed edition
Live in the village of Lydmouth, a few years after WWII, is far from peaceful and quiet. After a woman is murdered in the church's vestry Detective Inspector Thornhill, assisted by rather incompetent and unwilling policemen, is uncovering the dirty secrets of is eccentric inhabitants. More...
Simon Becket! Simon Becket (2007)
The Chemistry of Death. Dell
Dr. David Hunter, a successful, but retired, forensic anthropologist reluctantly investigates a series of killings in the quiet village of Manham. More...
Boris Akunin! Boris Akunin (2006)
Pelagia And The White Bulldog: The First Sister Pelagia Mystery. ORNUK
Unlike Akunin's Erast Fandorin series, this book features nun Pelagia solving crimes in rural Czarist Russia. Her investigation of the initial crime, the killing of white bulldogs, is just the first step into the labyrinth of this story. More...

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