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5 Spy Novels / Intelligence Thrillers

Graham Grene
Our Man in Havana
2007 (First published: 1958)
Mr. Wormold, salesman of vacuum cleaners in a city of power brokers becomes a spy for the British MI6 to earn some extra income. This crisply written spy novel will drag you down with almost unbearable tension, while at the same time make you giggle with its parodies and absurd plot. A true masterpiece! More ...
256 Pages
Jack Carr
Savage Son: A Thriller
Book 3 of Terminal List
Former Navy SEAL James Reece must infiltrate the Russian mafia and turn the hunters into the hunted. Deep in the wilds of Siberia, a woman is on the run, pursued by a man harboring secrets—a man intent on killing her. More ...
512 Pages
John Le Carré
The Spy Who Came in From the Cold
Book 3 of Georg Smiley Novels
2013 (First published: 1963)
In Le Carré's first masterpiece Alec Leamas, a British agent in early Cold War Berlin, is responsible for keeping the double agents under his care undercover and alive. When the East Germans start killing them, Leamas is sent deep into Communist territory to find out why. "The finest spy story ever written" (Graham Green). More ...
240 Pages
Vince Flynn / Kyle Mills
Enemy at the Gates
Book 20 of Mitch Rapp Series
CIA counterterrorist agent Mitch Rapp has decided to back away from his proffesional life, but then the world’s richest man asks Mitch to rescue a scientist, who’s bio research compound has been burned to the ground and is on the run from an African terrorist. More ...
400 Pages
Vince Flynn / Kyle Mills
Oath of Loyalty
Book 21 of Mitch Rapp Series
The new murder business is based on double-blind secrecy. Neither the killer nor the client knows the other’s identity. Because of this, assassins can’t be called off nor can they afford to fail. No matter how long it takes until their target is dead. More ...
368 Pages

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